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A three-part special, join anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota as she sets off on the trails of these extraordinary youths to uncover the actuality of their existence and unravel their remarkable stories. RAISED WILD then continues with the investigation of one of the most infamous cases of feral children in Kiev, Ukraine, where a girl called Oxana Malaya has been reported to astoundingly exhibit dog-like behaviour; barking, panting, snarling, jumping and running on all fours amid a pack of untamed dogs, and feeding on dead animals when hunger strikes.
MONKEY BOY OF UGANDA: Mary-Ann journeys to equatorial Africa to uncover the truth behind the rumour of young boy living with monkeys. DOG GIRL OF UKRAINE: Mary-Anna journeys to Ukraine to uncover the truth behind the incredible story of Oxana Malaya, a young girl allegedly raised by dogs. BIRD BOY OF FIJI: Mary-Ann travels to Fiji to uncover the shocking truth behind the story of the Bird Boy of Fiji. I imagine most of them are completely falsified, but all the years humanity has been around, it is silly to think it hasn't happened at least a few times. Definitely True! For I am one, due to society failing to tell me who I was biologically for over 30 years, nor who I came from that way as well. She documented cases of disowned or kidnapped children over four continents, and recreated what their lives might have looked like. Do wild children who have been reported to be brought up by untamed animals actually exist, or are they merely folklores or elaborate hoaxes?
From the deep jungles of Uganda, to the rural heartlands of Ukraine, and to one of the most isolated places on Earth, the island of Fiji, follow Mary-Ann on RAISED WILD as her quest to separate fact from fiction takes her across three continents to disentangle the truth about these wild children, who live and survive on the very edge of humanity. Reported to be living deep in heart of these East African forests, it has been described that he not only moves and sounds like our cousins of the animal kingdom, but also displays numerous monkey-like characteristics such as his nocturnal behaviour, his fur-like, hairy body, and his ability to survive solely on fruits and plants, a diet that is highly identical to that of Africa’s native vervet monkeys.
As a child, ‘bird boy’ Sujit Kumar was supposedly kept and raised in a coop full of chickens for a few years by his poverty-stricken parents, for reasons unknown, and was cited to have then continued living his life being tied to a wall in the corner of a home for the aged for almost 25 years.
Born during the Soviet era to alcoholic parents, young Oxana is said to have turned to the family dogs for warmth and love. Rumours circulate that police discovered the small boy while he was squawking, flapping his arms and pecking at his food.
On Animal Planet’s RAISED WILD, discover the shocking phenomenon and horrifying truth of real life feral children who have actually been bred by undomesticated animals.
With Charles Darwin’s extensive study of men evolving from primates and centuries of research and scientific theories closely linking human beings to these creatures, is it possible that ‘monkey humans’ really do exist? Just how did she end up in the care of these animals, picked up their habits and managed to survive for so long as one of them, away from civilisation for years?
Having being amongst chickens for so long, he apparently started to behave like them; pecking on the ground for food, clucking, squawking, screeching occasionally and lashing out when people try to touch him.
Rumours circulated that the boy screeched like a monkey, squatted instead of stood and was covered in hair from head to toe. Years later, she reportedly was acting exactly like a dog, a claim supported by compelling video footage. Villagers claim the child’s parents kept him locked under the house with the family chickens, and it was his years spent with the birds that affected his development. This means you are limited to certain areas of the board and there are some features you can't use. Lobo Wolf Girl, Mexico, 1845-1852.huffingtonpostIn 1845, a Mexican girl was seen running with a pack of wolves attacking a herd of goats. Follow Mary-Ann as she scours the country to unriddle the mystery, travelling far and wide from Kiev to Kherson to Odessa and even to Novaya Blagoveschenka, the village where Oxana is believed to have been born.
Join Mary-Ann as she investigates to determine if this child really could have been raised by monkeys, and if so, how he survived in the wild.
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Join Mary-Ann as she digs deep to delve into the truth of the mysterious and disturbing world of savage feral youths. Oxana Malaya, Ukraine, 1991.huffingtonpostIn 1991, Oxana Malaya was found living with dogs in a kennel.

Are these children so far gone that it is too late for them to blend back into society and lead normal lives? Her alcoholic parents left her outside when she was three, and she crawled into a kennel looking for warmth. She remained with the dogs for six years, during which she learned to run on all fours, pant with her tongue out and bark. Children need their parents to learn, grow and stay alive, although some children manage to make it all on their own, growing up in the wild. She staged dark photos to shine light on what ita€™s like to grow up under extremely uncommon circumstances.Fullerton-Batten has always been interested in personal journeys. Shamdeo, India, 1972.huffingtonpostShamdeo was discovered playing with wolf cubs in a forrest in India in 1972. In fact, you might know her from her fist big-time project back in 2005 a€?Teenage Stories,a€? which explored a girla€™s transition to womanhood.The Girl With No Name by Lynne Barrett Lee was the inspiration behind the a€?Feral Childrena€? photo series. The book explores the amazing story of a girl raised by monkeys in a remote mountain village of South America.
He hunted chickens and craved the taste of blood.He was taken back to civilisation and weaned off raw meat, but never learned to speak. She was abducted as small child and then left abandoned in the heart of the Colombian jungle.
He did acquire some sign language, but lived out his days in Mother Theresa’s Home for the Destitute and Dying. Her survival is incredible on its own, but the fact that monkeys jumped in to help raise her makes her story that much more amazing.Fullerton-Batten said that the book a€?inspired me to search further for other cases of feral children. The Bird Boy, Russia, 2008.huffingtonpostSeven-year-old Prava was found in a tiny two-bedroom apartment living with his mother and dozens of her pet birds.
Some cases resulted from children becoming lost, snatched by wild animals, and especially those left or neglected by their parents. Prava’s mother treated him like another of her pets, feeding and housing him, but never speaking to him. The documented cases exist over four of the five continents.a€?Lobo Wolf Girl, Mexico, 1845-1852In 1845 a young girl was seen running on all fours alongside a pack of wolves going after a herd of goats. One-year later the same girl was seen again, this time she was eating a goat alongside the wolves. She was kidnapped at age five, left in the jungle by her captors and learned to eat what the capuchin monkeys eat. In 1852 she was seen suckling two wolf cubs, once spotted she galloped off into the woods and was never seen again.Oxana Malaya, Ukraine, 1991Oxana was found in 1991 at 8-years old living in a kennel with a pack of dogs. At one point she was poisoned, and an elderly monkey led her to a pool of water and forced her to drink until she vomited out the poison.Marina had lost the ability to speak by the time she was rescued by hunters.
When she was only 2 or 3 she originally went into the kennel and cuddled up to the dogs for warmth. She was then enslaved by a mafia family, but was saved by her neighbour, who sent her to live in Bogota with one of his relatives.
By the time she was found by humans she acted more like a dog, walking on all fours, panting with her tongue out, and even baring her teeth and barking. She was eventually hired as a housekeeper by a family that moved to the UK, where she is now happily married with children.
She could only speak two words, a€?yesa€? and a€?no.a€?Oxana was given intensive treatment therapy to teach her basic verbal and social skills, which she developed but only to the ability of a five-year-old. At 30-years-old she lives in an Odessa clinic where she works with the hospitala€™s farm animals under the supervision of her caregivers.Shamdeo, India, 1972Shamdeo was around 4-years-old when he was discovered living with wolves in a forest in India. Madina, Russia, 2013.huffingtonpostMadina lived primarily in the company of dogs from birth to age 3. In 1978 he was sent to Mother Theresaa€™s Home for the Destitute and Dying in Lucknow, where he was given the name Pascal.

He passed away in February 1985.Prava (The Bird Boy), Russia, 2008Prava was found at 7-years-old in a tiny room full of birds within a two-bedroom apartment. He lived with his 31-year-old mother but she never talked to him, instead he spent his time with the birds. He was released into childcare by his mother and is currently undergoing rehabilitation.Madina, Russia, 2013Madinaa€™s mother was an alcoholic and so she basically lived with dogs from birth until 3-years of age. She also constantly spat and clawed at herself.She returned to live with her mother for a short time but never learned to speak or read properly. She later passed through foster homes where she was harassed and abused, then returned to a children’s hospital, now completely silent. According to her doctors she still has a good chance at a normal life once she learns how to communicate better.The Leopard Boy, India, 1912 At two-years-old The Leopard Boy was taken in by a leopardess. Three years later a hunter killed the leopardess and then discovered her three cubs, one of which was a small human boy.
The Leopard Boy, India, 1912.huffingtonpostThis boy was two when he was taken in by a Leopardess and raised with her cubs. He could not speak and a€?His knees were covered with hard callouses, his toes were bent upright almost at right angles to his instep, and his palms, toe- and thumb-pads were covered with a tough, horny skin.
The Leopardess was shot when the boy was five, and he was returned to his family in a small village in India.
She was 13 when her mother took her to child services and a social worker took note of her condition.
She was later located living at a private facility for mentally underdeveloped adults.Sujit Kumar Chicken Boy, Fiji, 1978Sujit was locked in the chicken coop as a young child for bad behavior.
Sujit Kumar, Fiji, 1978.huffingtonpostWhen Sujit showed dysfunctional behavior as a child his parents would lock him up in the chicken coop. After his mother committed suicide and his father was murdered, Sujit’s grandparents decided to keep him locked in the coop.
He was found in the middle of the road clucking and flapping like a chicken at 8-years-old. Elizabeth Clayton rescued him and he now lives a much happier life at 30-years-old.Ivan Mishukov, Russia, 1998Ivan ran away from his abusive family at only 4-years-old. He was taken in by a pack of wild dogs with which he lived for two years before being placed in a childrena€™s home.
He now lives a normal life.John Ssebunya (The Monkey Boy) Uganda, 1991After watching his father murder his mother John ran away into the forest at 3-years-old. Regardless, he captured them and took them home, where they slept curled up together, tore off their clothing and ate raw meat.
He lived with monkeys until he was 6-years-old, at which point he was placed in an orphanage.
They were physically deformed and had no interest in human interaction, but their hearing, sense of smell and sight was exceptional.Amala died the year following her capture. Ivan Mishukov, Russia, 1998.huffingtonpostIvan was abused by his family, so ran away to live with a pack of dogs at age 4.
In 1737 the Queen of Poland took her hunting where she was still able to run fast enough to catch rabbits.After that a rich patron sponsored her recovery and she learned to read, write and speak French fluently. John Ssebunya (The Monkey Boy), Uganda, 1991.huffingtonpostJohn fled to the jungle to live with monkeys after he saw his father murder his mother. He also had a severe case of intestinal worms, some over half a meter long.He later learned to speak and discovered a love for singing.

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