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All the games and graphics published on this site are copyright to their respective Owners or Authors. Kids Learning Puzzles combines tangram puzzles, coloring tools and a variety of interchangeable illustrations to create a full screen educational toy experience - for kids to unleash their creativity and bring out their inner artist. Easy to learn and yet fun to play - our tangram puzzles come with specially drawn illustrations to help kids visualize and associate.
Our refined touch, drag and rotate controls give kids the freedom of space and time to explore in a stress free environment.
Designed by a team of experience illustrators and publishers, Kids Learning Puzzles offers hours of playtime for kids and families in a colorful auditory app experience.

Kids Learning Puzzles contain hidden features and 4 additional creative tools & content you can unlock for one affordable lifetime in-app purchase. Original prices are provided by the app developer, the SALE prices listed are updated once an hour. Affiliate Program - If you would like to purchase any of the apps, please use the links provided.
We have coolest games : math lessons, strategy, skills, puzzles, logic, memory, board, geography and more.
Playing tangram puzzles foster critical thinking, spatial rotation skills, and an intuitive sense of geometry in children.

By combining puzzles with an open canvas, Kids Learning Puzzles becomes a stimulating environment for kids to represent ideas and feelings they hold deep inside their hearts with vivid colors!

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