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This fancy safari baby shower theme pack is filled with wild jungle printables that your guests will love!
Take a peek at our printable Jungle Baby Shower Games & Water Bottle Labels from our printable shop! Baby Shower Craft Idea - Easy Washcloth Lollipop Tutorial May 19, 16 09:16 PMHow to Make Washcloth Lollipops!

The best thing is, you can download all of the files to your computer or a thumbdrive and keep them forever! A big thanks to Partylicious Events for letting us share this adorable Safari, Jungle Baby Shower! These look great when printed onto white card stock.Print onto white card stock, cut out each elephant and attach wooden skewers, lollipop sticks or toothpicks to the back of each one (usinf clear tape) Poke into baby shower cupcakes, cakes, diaper cakes, flower bouquets, food dishes and more! Make some cute baby shower garland!

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