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How to play this game: Print off your desired word search game card on cardstock and provide a pencil for each party guest. To download this printable baby shower game, right click on the game you want to use and choose SAVE PICTURE AS from the menu that appears.
Fireboy and Watergirl are almost like brother and sister to each-other, except they are two very different characters.
If you've played board games like Scattergories, you know how fun (and challenging) it can be to come up with objects that start with a specific letter. At the end of two minutes, you can go around the room, asking each guest to say her answer aloud for each letter. Word scrambles are a lot of fun, and they work well to get the attention of the whole group before you begin a more involved game or start opening gifts.
Your shower guests may think they know a thing or two about babies, but they can really test their knowledge with this tricky trivia quiz.
The gift opening is the main event of any shower, and everyone loves seeing the mom-to-be react to her presents. As the mom-to-be opens each gift, guests can place a sticker over the corresponding baby item on their bingo cards. When a guest gets five in a row in any direction, including corner to corner, that guest is the winner.

If no one wins before the gift opening is finished, the winner is the person with the most stickers in a row. At the end of the game, have guests count up their correct answers to find out who is the winner. Another popular shower game is the candy bar game; get the rules and a printable game card for the baby candy bar activity.
Free printable shower games are the perfect way to stretch your baby shower budget without sacrificing fun. You could cut this invitation out so it is in the shape of the footprint or you could send it as is, in the blue border. Choose the location you want to save the game into and type in the filename you wish to give it.
Fireboy on one hand has the power to cross lava and very hot places without even breaking a sweat because of his very high body temperature, whilst on the other hand, Watergirl cant cross those or she will evaporate, but she can go through water like a professional swimmer, whereas Fireboy would just have his flames put out. Shower games can help break the ice, allowing the guests to feel at ease and have a fun time together. This free printable game is designed to test your shower guests' word skills, and it's likely to lead to a few hilarious conversations too. Explain that the person who unscrambles the most baby related words in one minute will win.

The baby-themed questions on this printable trivia game are challenging, so you'll want to give guests a couple of minutes to answer. However, at large showers, this part of the festivities can get a little long for some guests. After all the guests have read their answers to a question, the mom-to-be can tell everyone the correct answer.
With these great games, your shower guests will feel relaxed and happy to be celebrating with the mom-to-be, and you'll be proud to host an entertaining get-together.
Control them in rounds and try to figure out how they should handle each situation, seeing which one of them you should go first with, to allow the other one to follow closely behind.
Consider pairing people up into teams for this game, giving guests a chance to get to know one another.

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