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The Content of this Website is intended as General Information and is NOT Professional Advice. Because dogs do not sweat (except to a minor degree through their foot pads), they do not tolerate high environmental temperatures as well as humans do.
The content is updated often so make sure and bookmark this site so you can keep up to date on the information. It also has pages for educators to download of puzzles, word findes and other fun things for your students or children to do.
But when air temperature is close to body temperature, cooling by panting is not an efficient process. This space is called Kittys Corner because when ever I am at my computer working (which is most of the time) Kitty is laying or sitting beside me with her head on my lap.

So start taking some pictures, or if you already have some, send them in so I can see them.
Whether you have fleas on your pet or you're interested in prevention and natural flea control methods, you've come to the right place. More Everything Miniature Schnauzer - Schnauzers Rule is a complete owner's guide for the Miniature Schnauzer lover and dog enthusiasts. Topics include dog grooming, obedience and trick training, housebreaking, Schnauzer contests, FREE dog eCards, and more! The process is similar to a routine shot, takes only a few seconds, and your pet will not react any more than he would to a vaccination. You can also see a map of forthcoming worldwide dog shows, most useful for dog show organisers and dog show entrants.

We are also offering the Official Kennel Club Collector’s Map, which details all General and Group Championship Dog Shows. We have a full line of Dog Car Seats, Car Seat Covers, Seat Barriers, Dog Beds, Pet Carriers, Dog Life Jackets and toys. We recently added Classic Outdoor Weather Water proof Covers for almost everything, Furniture, Vehicles and Campers.

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