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Below are our 2 free printable shower games : Baby Shower Bingo and Baby Shower Word Scramble, which can be used for either a girl or a boy.
A close second (and possibly even tied for first) in the baby shower game popularity contest is the Baby Shower Word Scramble. Click here to see screenshots of all the games included in the Baby Shower Games in a Box package. Hopefully you at least took advantage of the free printable baby shower games above, even if you decided not to check out the rest of the printable games. You can also visit our home page to learn how to play some other great baby shower games … and of course they’re free!
Hosting a Baby Shower?Welcome to the ultimate Baby Shower website - for all your baby shower needs.
14 Printable Baby Shower Games (8 different games total): Baby Shower Bingo and Word Find, plus unique, one-of-a-kind games, like Baby Shower Sudoku.

This MP3 soundtrack will put her baby to sleep faster & help her baby to sleep through the night. You can click on the links below and that will take you to the download page to print them – did I mention they’re free printable baby shower games? Just to keep the shower going and keep the socializing (and friendly competition!) at a rise, time this game also.
As an added bonus, everything you bought for this game can be given as a baby shower gift to the mother-to-be. Whether you're hosting a shower, going to a shower, or you are the mother-to-be, here you'll find everything you need for the perfect baby shower! Other games include What's in Mommy's Purse, The Price is Right, Baby Race Name, Baby Word Scramble and Draw the Mommy.
Until one afternoon, a strange breeze blew through the jungle trees, blowing her spots right off!

We have also listed some other great printable baby shower games we think you may be interested in that you can print right from your computer.
Ginger goes in search of her spots, and what she finds on her journey is an amazing lesson for all.
So browse this whole page…you may find something you never knew existed in the baby shower game world!

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