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Rayna The rattling sound of falling trashcans and the sudden barks and hisses of wild animals filled the allyway, chasing two figures as they fled around a corner.
The young dog walked with a confident stride that would be hard to find in many adults, so was a bit odd to see in what most would still classify as a pup. He was currently in the quietest alley he could find, sleeping in a cardboard box that had seen at least one rain in its time. He had always been skilled at decieving both himself and others in this way; concealing his negative thoughts, emotions, and traits by coating them in confidence. The heavy carcass of a raccoon bounced against Rayna's chest, making her neck ache with the effort of running with the dead thing.
The more urban side of that line boasted people in larger amounts that seemed necessary, while the suburbian side struggled to hide less attractive features.
Nova had her reasons for her confident look, and it wasn't an inflated ego, she just knew if she at least looked like she knew what she was doing then that would keep many problems away. Ho'kee wasn't really concerned about the condition of his sleeping place, instead just liking the fact he had found somewhere to rest. As they neared the Weimaraners, they slowed, not seeing another ally to run into other than the one with the oncoming Coyotes and the ones behind the other dogs. The pavement became patchy and faded, all too willing to allow its gaps to be filled in by dirt, gravel, and weeds, and the people seemed to repel one another, making the likelyhood of crossing one much less than it would be in urban Chicago. The brute was a bit odd in the fact that he prefered to wander at night and sleep during the day, but it meant he could move about with less staring in his direction.
The two slowed to a stop, Rayna, with her head already low to the ground with the weight of the carcass, narrowed her eyes, sinking her teeth even more into the coarse fur, unsure of the intentions of these new dogs. One of them of that her half-brother was easily keeping pace beside her, and the other, more unpleasant thing, was that the coyotes had picked up their trail. Without allowing the transition much attention, Silas and Aras had slipped from the inner city to the outer.

She was doing what she could usually be found doing; searching for food that didn't also include some sort of trouble, which was definitely easier said than done.
Aspen had one of his ears pointed towards the dogs and the other back toward the ally they just left. In order to eat one needed to fight, and in order to fight, one needed to out number his opponents. Both of the brutes were lost in contemplation now, slaves to their thoughts and their planning. Unlike Rayna he would be willing to part with the coon if it would spare their lives, but that was only if these dogs meant them harm. If he and Aras were to see the distant future as clearly as they could see the near future, Silas knew that his pack would need to expand. First to be shaken from the confines of his mind, just as he had been the last to fall into them, was Aras. The two of them were breathing hard from the run and most of the weight from the carcass was resting on the ground now, but Raynas teeth were still stubbornly stuck in its fur.
Due to their numbers, animal control has been struggling for for years to reclaim both the urban and suburban streets, but their success has been limited.
She thought grimly as they raced across cracked pavement and patches of dirt, doing what they could to outwit their pursuiers and still not run into any more trouble. His ears flicked and his head snapped up, the sharpness of the action suited to the stimulus that had provoked it.
The brute's eyes moved from one side to another, scouting, acting as rear and side mirrors for his father, whose mind Aras knew, was elsewhere than on the busy street which his body currently occupied. Though her neck was starting to droop from the weight and pretty soon she would end up tripping over herself.AspenAs mad as he was already at his half-sister, he couldn't help but be slightly impressed by how she tricked the coyotes.
Only the fittest have managed to survive, and it is the belief of many that only the fittest will continue to do so.
Aras had been in Silas' company long enough to expect this behavior from the older brute, and he knew enough about their situation to follow his father's thoughts pretty accurately.

The key to survival varies based on the individual; for some it is presented in the opportunity to coexist with others in alliances or packs, for others it is relying on only themselves. Even so, she could've at least annouced her plan instead of running off without him and coming back with a fat raccoon of all things. Both Weimaraners stood on alert, their eyes narrowed and muscles stiff, as a pair of apparent shepherds (Rayna and Aspen) whipped around the corner adjacent to them.
Even as he thought about it, his stomach churned, aching at the thought of a meal as large as a raccoon.
Silas was attempting to decide whether or not their assistence would be appreciated, while Aras was simply amused; how hungry could these strangers be? From therapy, rescue and k9 agents, it is undeniable that dogs are quite happy to collaborate with us through several different situations. Sometimes she was a burglar, stealing what she wanted in silence and stealth, but sometimes she was a robber, doing the same but with more volatility and threat. He and his sister probably could have taken them, but at the moment they were both scrawny and probably wouldn't be able to lif a paw to even a cat.
However, the true measure of how honorable dogs are, as a species, is that even a normal family dog without any sort of training, will try his best to save his owner if given the chance. The following story is one of love, loyalty and devotion.Jonathan Hartman and his friends were hiking up Mount Bierstadt in the Rocky Mountains one day when tragedy struck. Imara liked a fight when she knew she could win, but she valued her life enough to avoid one when she knew she would lose.
If they were lucky enough, hopefully he and his troublemaking half-sister would make it out with a meal, and their lives. As they were making their descent, Jonathan saw a bright flash of light before he was knocked completely unconscious.

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