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Zoella's publisher admitted to the Sunday Times that YouTube star Zoe Sugg wasn't burning the midnight oil parsing sentences for her new bestseller, Girl Online. You can get all the info about the book at the Girlonlinebooks website as well as pre order a SIGNED copy of the book! Carly Rae Jepsen hits the cover of Notion magazine & her hair blends in with a wall, we like it. We're introduced to possibly the cutest furry friend in Mark Ferris' exclusive column! Not so normal now: Norman Wisdom There were never as many of them in the playground as there were Jameses or Johns.
Shocked: When Toronto-based musician Drake-real name Aubrey Graham- saw the photos, he threatened 'to f*** up' the tattoo artist who inked the permanent mutilation to the girl's faceThe Canadian rapper then exploded in a rant against the tattoo artist. Meanwhile Kevin Campbell, the tattoo artist at LA parlourA  Will Rise, who is responsible for the work, has spoken out about his decision to go ahead.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. One of the biggest decisions expecting parents face is choosing a name for their baby girl. Ever since we read ‘Girl Online’, we have been left wanting so much more and now we are getting it!

Incase you needed a closer look here’s that gorgeous cover which we’re sure will have a cheeky little bit of rose gold on there too! Photos of the bold new look found their way onto the internet and have now gone viral.Even Toronto-based musician Drake-real name Aubrey Graham- has seen the photos, reacting in disbelief at the permanent addition to the girla€™s face.
We understand that you want to find that perfect name that will carry your child through life. In an era of transparency--transparency especially demanded by Zoella's digital native contemporaries--isn't it fair we should know who wrote the book? Along with Walter, Percy and Harold, Norman has almost completely disappeared from the birth registerA  -A  going the same way as Gertrude, Edna and Ethel for girls.Back in 1907, more than 1990 baby boys were called Norman.
If you are searching for a unique name or uncommon name, we provide all the meanings so that you can make the right choice. During the past century, the name has been proudly sported by a general (Schwarzkopf), famous footballer (Whiteside), author (Mailer) and a comedian (Wisdom). But in 2005, the last year for which full records are available, just two boys were registered with the name, one in Shropshire and another in Tyne and Wear.
I'd like him to tattoo every inch of my body," she told the Huffington Post.According to the Lesya's Facebook, she became engaged to Rouslan on Jan. Richard, once one of the most popular boys' name in the country, is 19th on the 'endangered list'.

In days gone by, tradition held that children were named after their grandparents or godparents, thus ensuring the survival of names that had been around for centuries. But these days, according to the researchers, parents are just as likely to name their offspring after their favourite pop or film star as after older relativesA  -A  or even use something a little more unusual. However, we also need to remember that there are now more choices available.' Statistician Dr Geoff Ellis looked at the most popular baby names in 1907 that failed to make the most popular 100 names lists in any of the past five years. Looking back 200 years to 1807, the third and fourth most popular choices for boys were Thomas and James. In 2005, they occupied the same position in the chart, with Thomas rising to two last year and James slipping to nine.
It was the second most popular name 200 years ago, the most popular a century ago and was ranked eighth last year. Olive has plummeted in popularity but Olivia was the most popular girls' name in 2006 and was placed third last year.

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