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Golden Retrievers are an outstanding human companion dog - they display a long list of traits which us dog lovers truly admire and value. The Golden Retriever is much loved all around the world for their gentle affectionate nature, high intelligence, absolute loyalty and attractive good looks. Golden Retriever puppy training is an essential, fun and rewarding experience for both you and your dog. Since then the Golden Retriever has been known as a Golden, Yellow Retriever or simply as a "Goldie".
The Golden Retriever has a lovely warm gentle expression, is athletic, muscular and has a smooth fluid gait. Goldies are a powerful well proportioned dog, males grow to 56-61cm tall at the withers and weigh in at between 29-34kg. The easy to handle and very trainable nature of the Golden Retriever has seen them utilized in many "canine jobs".
Anyone who has had the pleasure of living with a properly socialized and trained Goldie will agree that their temperament is what makes them so special. Golden Retriever puppies grow to be confident, friendly to all people and animals, well mannered, patient, inquisitive, adaptable and stable.
It's an unfortunate fact that there are many unscrupulous and opportunistic Golden Retriever breeders out there cashing in on the vast popularity and money making potential of the breed. Hip dysplasia is a common problem in Golden Retrievers - as it is with many of the larger dog breeds. Hereditary heart disease and epilepsy are other health problems that Goldies can be susceptible to. So if you want a healthy, well socialized Golden Retriever puppy the best place to start is by locating a good Golden Retriever breeder - they are your valuable ally.
Golden Retriever puppies require proper socialization and at least basic obedience training in order to reach their full potential. Golden Retriever puppy training is most effective when using positive, reward based dog training methods with plenty of encouragement and praise.
From puppy house training (potty training), crate training right through to all the basic obedience commands (sit, down, stay, heel, come etc.) your Goldie will catch on quickly. If you plan to train your puppy (or older dog) at home I would recommend that you closely follow this comprehensive Golden Retriever training community. If you are fond to dogs, then you know for sure that these pets can be best friends of humans. If you need to purchase a puppy and you don’t know what breed to pick, then maybe you should take your time in reading a few interesting things about the Golden retriever. If there is something the Golden retrievers like to do best is to play and if you are that kind of person that likes practicing different sports that involve regular movements you will be amazed to find out that your dog will accompany you no matter the sport activity you like to practice. In order to find out more about this breed you might need to search the websites for more information regarding the training of these dogs along with the diet they should follow in order to avoid getting to some diseases that seem to affect the Golden retrievers that stay for too much locked in the house and lead unhealthy diets. If you’re on the hunt for a new electric clothes dryer, you should read this article. Do you think Golden Retriever puppies are the cutest?  Tell us about it in the comment section below. About ColbyColby Morita has raised guide and service dog puppies for Guide Dogs of America and Canine Support Teams.
I guess we’re both biased ?? I’m pretty sure all puppies are cute because every time I see one I have to post it to the blog or Facebook page!
I haven’t met you, but from all the activity I see at your blog I think you still act like a puppy. I’m in Orange County, but the Guide Dog school that I volunteer with is Guide Dogs of America and is located in Sylmar, CA.
Advertisers use Golden Retrievers so much in their campaigns I think they’ve brainwashed us into finding Goldens the cutest ever. I just checked out your page and I think you’re right…you do have one of the cutest! How much does a puppy cost?  I asked this question 12 years ago before bringing home my first puppy, Linus from the Carson Animal Shelter.
They are one of the few dog breeds who truly build a strong and lasting bond with their human family.

You'll find that your Golden Retriever puppy may be a bit unruly and excitable early on but with some puppy socialization and training will develop into a wonderful trustworthy companion. Fortunately for us dog lovers the Golden Retriever was developed in Scotland in the late 1800's by Dudley Majoribanks. Their love of human company and patience has made them ideally suited as guide dogs for the blind, service dogs and also as narcotic detection dogs. They thrive on the physical and mental stimulation which activities like agility, flyball, tracking and obedience training provides. A concientious and reputable Golden Retriever breeder will do all they can to protect the health of the breed going forward. They have little or no regard for the mental and physical wellbeing of the Golden Retriever puppies they produce. Hereditary cataracts are fairly common and Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy (CPRA) is also common.
The good news is that Goldies are willing and very capable students who are very trainable. You'll find that your Goldie is eager to please when training and won't benefit from any harsh punishment or intimidation. Nothing could be compared to the way your dog looks at you when you are sad and you need some extra attention from everyone around you. The Retriever dog breeds are amongst the most intelligent and easy to train breeds and the Golden Retriever is no exception.
And you should also find out that the Golden retrievers are dogs with very friendly personalities and they happen to like to be good companions even to other animals.
You should know that these dogs are very clever and they can be fitted to accomplish different tasks from being guide dogs for the ones with different disabilities to detecting drugs and even rescuing persons after some unfortunate calamities happening.
Here you will find out everything about the best and the worst electric dryers on the market. Actually, at some point I’d love to be able to volunteer my photography services for one of the guide dog centers. Therefore if you are away from home for long periods a Golden Retriever puppy is probably not the right option for you.
All of their breeding stock will be screened accordingly and all litters will be carefully planned.
This has led to a disturbing increase in Golden Retriever puppies with unstable temperaments. Your Golden Retriever breeder should be able to show you hip clearance x-rays of all of their breeding stock.
And when it comes to playing they are always ready to play whatever game you pick for them.
So, if you have a kitty inside the house, you need not to worry about having a dog that messes everything around simply because he can’t stand a cat around.
If you like hunting, you should know that with a Golden retriever by your side you will have no worries about getting to your feet whatever you are hunting. By reading the article you will know what models to stay away from and which are the ones that you should buy for yourself. In order for your Golden to integrate nicely into your life, be able to be taken everywhere, be well-behaved and abide by the rules that you create for them, it’s up to you to teach and train them. Separation anxiety can be a real problem with Goldies who are left alone and bored for hours on end. They never complain and they seem to be always there for you no matter if you want to sit on a comfortable couch and relax for a little or go outdoors and play with the ball. Most dog breeds enjoy spending time with their masters, but the Golden Retriever is a trustworthy companion which will have no problems adjusting to your personality and understanding your needs. The best way to show the possible difference between a well-trained dog and one that isn’t is to give a few examples.
You should know that there are plenty of breeds that give people dogs that are too demanding and in some cases they come even to be aggressive. Table Of Contents1 How An Untrained Dog Might Go Through Life2 How A Well-Trained Dog Goes Through Life3 Dogs Naturally Learn How To Behave Though Don’t They?4 What Exactly Is Dog Training? They will constantly beg and try to steal food from tables or kitchen counters so they’re removed from the room when the family sits down for a meal.

They’re locked out of the way when people come to visit because they cannot be trusted not to jump up or go wild with enthusiasm to say hello. Nobody enjoys taking them for a walk because they pull like a steam train and there’s no way you could let them off the leash as they chase all other animals and never return to you when called. And if the family goes away, they’re crated at home with a visitor coming to walk them twice per day, or boarded in kennels. The puppy will be going potty inside the house and you have to keep replacing the soiled newspapers which is more work than the crate method.Paper Dog potty training on paper CAN be a useful alternative to crate training. Bad weather when going outdoors is not a desirable option.Note that in each case I specified a€?smalla€? dog, as you would need a lot of newspaper for a large or even mid-size dog. Never pulling on the leash, always returning when called and nicely behaved when meeting other dogs and people. They know not to climb furniture, pick up objects in their mouths or play with other peoples belongings.
Sounds a much better life than one of a dog that’s not been trained doesn’t it? That is they will try a variety of things and repeat behaviors that lead to a reward while stopping behaviors that don’t lead to a reward.
So without your training and guidance, a few of the things they may naturally learn to do are: Take food from tables and kitchen counters because obviously food is rewarding.
Chew your shoes, slippers, table legs and TV remote because Goldens love to chew and they find it rewarding. Always leave paper on the floor around her favorite "spot." If the puppy misses the paper and hits the floor, just clean it up and add more paper, sort of like starting over. It’s teaching a dog to listen to, respect and respond to a few basic commands so that we can exert some control over them. So we can guide them through life safely, keep them out of trouble and get them to occasionally do as we ask. Take the the puppy to the newspaper in the yard every hour or two to see if she needs to do something. Over time, gradually reduce the newspaper outdoors until the dog is finally "going" on the grass or garden soil or wherever you have chosen. Regular training sessions between you and your dog provides a wonderful opportunity for you to work together as a team with a common goal in mind. Training is a time where your dog is made to feel useful, like they have a purpose in life and have an opportunity to feel as though they’re giving something back to their owner and their pack.
So training works your dogs mind, makes them feel good and useful, gives them a purpose in life and a feeling of importance. And best of all it strengthens the bond between you and your dog as you work together as a team. Your dog will respect you more, trust you more and feel happier being with you and responding to your cues if they’re frequently rewarded for doing so. But to give your Golden the best and fullest life possible you owe it to them to train them and guide them through life as best you can. With a well-trained dog you’ll be able to enjoy them to the fullest and get the most out of your lives together too. After all, this is almost certainly why you got yourself a Golden as a pet in the first place, to spend quality time together with a beautiful and intelligent dog.
The training section of this site will become a comprehensive resource to help you train your Golden Retriever. And enjoy your Golden and your lives together ?? 2014-04-20 Wendy tweet Previous: How Much Exercise Does A Golden Retriever Need Next: What Is The Right Age To Start Training A Golden Retriever Puppy?
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