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Can someone tell me how I can possibly have a child who is old enough to be out of diapers!? To make it fun for her, I designed and printed a simple “Potty Time” sticker chart, then added some washi tape to give it some flair (along with the stickers). She enjoyed choosing which sticker she wanted to put on it after going potty. Toddler Mealtime Must-Haves The right toddler feeding utensils, bowls, and plates can make mealtime more fun for your tot — and less of a mess for you.
Feeding Seat Options for ToddlersIf your little one's high chair is getting too little for him, it's time he makes a move to the dinner table.
Must-Have Toddler Safety ProductsAs your little one gets ready to take her first steps (and tumbles), it's time to ramp up those safety efforts around the house. The Info on Indoor Safety GatesNow that your little one can (almost) get around on his own, it's time to install a child's safety gate. Safety-Gate StylesYou know you need safety gates once your munchkin's on the move, but how do you decide between all the different gate options? Buying a Toddler Bed — What to Look ForKeep your "big kid" cozy in her brand-new bed with these buying basics. Tables for Children and Toddler EaselsIf your munchkin is a budding Matisse (or just digs drawing), get the picture on what tables and easels to buy for an awesome art station.
How to Choose a Toddler ChairYour sweetie will be sitting pretty in no time with these pointers on finding the perfect pint-size chair.

Nice-to-Have Features and Accessories for Strollers Of course you'll want to pick the best stroller for your toddler — but don't forget who's going to be pushing it! Children and Car Safety When a baby's on board (or a toddler or preschooler), making sure that your child's car seat or booster keeps her as safe as possible during road trips is key to car safety. Buying Backpacks for ToddlersNow that your little one is eager to lug her own little things, it's time to pick a small toddler backpack to get her stuff from here to there. Picking a Preschool Lunch Box Want to send your sweetie off to school with a top meal tote? Picking a Scooter, Ride-on Toy, or Trike for Your ToddlerIs your toddler tired of being pushed around — in a stroller, that is? Travel Gear Must-HavesPacking light when you have a toddler isn't easy, but it is possible. Trike and Scooter Safety Tips for ToddlersKeep your easy rider safe and sound with these dos and don'ts for wee ones on wheels. The material on this website is provided for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, or in place of therapy or medical care. This Site and third parties who place advertisements on this Site may collect and use information about your visits to this Site and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. It is never pleasant to deal with in a diaper, but I can tell you that it is much worse in little [girls] cotton undies.

She’s got the pee thing down and wears underwear but has yet to poop in the potty with any consistency.
From must-haves like potty seats and feeding utensils to nice-to-haves like ride-on toys and backpacks, learn what to look for, where to get it, and how to use toddler gear safely all right here. How to Find the Best Potty Seat Of course you're pumped about the prospect of your darling ditching his diapers and joining the bathroom brigade. Update your childproofing checklist with these toddler safety products that'll help keep your mobile (and very curious) tot out of trouble. Features and accessories for strollers that are also good for you can turn a good stroller into a great one.
I asked a few people for some advice, but other than that, we’re just doing it in whatever way works for us as we go.

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