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I mean seriously — faced with the daunting task of pooping on your own for the first time, which would you prefer? OMG we have the Cars one that makes a revving sound when they flush, and Stone is obsessed! Today is Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year if you aren’t Chinese and celebrate the Lunar New Year. This is a big holiday over in the Asian countries, many businesses are closed for a couple days.

If you are looking for a good list of Chinese New Year recipes Jaden over at Steamy Kitchen provides an extensive list! So far all of his bathroom experiences have been pretty non-traumatic (other than trying to flush a full roll of paper) which I hear is key in a successful transition to big-boy pants. Last used during the Truman administration, it looks to be made entirely of dark wood, with a faded Dick & Jane-type illustration on the back.
And I would be traumatized if that old potty had been mine, but I totally see planter material — it’s so Nate Berkus!

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