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Sometimes potty training works like a charm, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out as planned. In addition to conventional methods of simple repetition and patience, a potty training chart is a tool that provides incentive in a reward-based system. Secondly, you need to choose between a detailed chart and a simple one that just acknowledge the act being completed. Fourth, you should take the child aside and not only explain the chart, but also explain why they should be excited about it.
Either way, if you are not in a position to strip your child of clothes from the waist down and to do a 3-day, potty training boot camp, then it’s time to think of other options to get your child out of diapers and onto the toilet.
You can create one on your own, or you can browse the web for one, as there are a number free, printable potty training charts in generic or gender-based variations.
You may not use the words “potty,” “pee pee,” and “poo poo” in your house for the act of going to the bathroom, so whichever words your child is most familiar with, those are the words you should be using. It can be really helpful to incorporate all the activities associated with using the potty as well, like pulling their pants up and down on their own, sitting down (to try and potty), going pee pee or poo poo, and washing their hands afterwards.

Topics may include wearing “big girl’ or “big boy” pants, not having to sit in their poop, or how it allows them to become more like someone they admire (mom, dad, siblings, etc.). It will depend on the child, but it is unlikely they will have 100% success once the chart is started.
The most important factor in making a chart, however, is deciding the structure of this new “game” you are about to entice your child to play. You also need to have a chart that has spaces for a month-long chronicling of your child’s hits and misses: placing a star or other mark in the appropriate space for a successful act, and leaving it blank when the miss the mark. Placing all these acts on the chart helps remind your child of the entire process, and helps encourage habits of trying to go to the bathroom before it ends up a last-minute sprint.
The type of reward is a relative one, because it has to gel with the way you run your home. You should give them some lee-way to avoid discouragement, and decide in advance how many stars they need to have at the end of the month to obtain their prize.
Suggestions for other items to mark your chart with include simple check marks and happy faces, stickers of their favorite animated characters, or ink stamps and stickers that have encouraging messages (Yay!

It can be as simple as a getting a food they really love or watching a special movie, or it can be as grand as a trip to Disneyland, but either way it has to be something the child wouldn’t normally get on a day to day basis. A 75-80% success rate is pretty good, and that means nailing their potty training routing at least 22 days out of the month. By the end of the month, that potty training chart will likely be filled with stars, and most of the gaps should be at the beginning.
Potty training charts can truly work wonders for helping your child dump their diapers for good.

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