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School is back in session across the nation and today we are sharing a few ways parents can help ADHD child do well in school. Many parents have also found that their ADHD child has food sensitivities and elimination diets have shown benefits.  If you feel this might be the case discuss this with a dietician or your child’s doctor. We know it can sometimes feel exhausting as you listen to the superhighway of thoughts and feelings running through their supercharged brains, however, taking that time to be engaged will foster self-worth and allow you to better understand your child and promotes a better parent-child relationship.  Use these communication tools when your children are young and it will benefit you and them as they are teenagers. Here’s to a successful and positive new school year!  Please feel free to contact Sherry at 301-515-1321 to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
If you are new to the blog, take a moment to learn more about Sherry and her expertise in helping children, adults and families with ADHD. They need physical stimulus and activity regularly.  Unfortunately, one thing many schools are cutting back on is recess time and physical education classes.

First, let me be clear a poor diet does not cause ADHD and therefore, there is no Diet to Cure ADHD as some claim.   However,  science, years of experience as an ADHD expert and parenting ADHD children has shown us that proper nutrition helps individuals with ADHD function better on a daily basis.
Make plans that include your child, so they feel empowered and a part of the situation.  Even a small amount of advanced planning and discussion can often prevent a meltdown that takes much longer to resolve. Taking the time to speak, with eye contact and listen to your child is very important.  Validate their thoughts and feelings by actively listening and responding to what they have to say. Goals for 2015 Taking Care of Mom - Part Two Taking care of Mom: Learning to Nurture & Care for Yourself (Part One) 8 Springtime Mood Boosters after a LONG WINTER!
Follow-up, talk about what is working and address areas that need improvement and share resources that you have found helpful.
Rewards do not need to be costly, however, can be simple things such as a special outing to the park or an extra 30 minute “Pass” for bedtime.

Ned Hallowell has said, “If you don’t eat properly, you can become distracted, impulsive and restless.
John Ratey explains “Exercise is like medication…  Exercise turns on the attention system, the so-called executive functions — sequencing, working memory, prioritizing, inhibiting, and sustaining attention. You can look like you have ADD even if you don’t!”  Proper nutrition helps you function better and if you are already having problems focusing, your diet becomes even more important.

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