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Is there any aspect of raising children wealthy New York City parents can’t outsource?
NYC Potty Training, Inc offers no verbal or written promise, covenant, guaranty, warranty, either expressed or implied, regarding the success of any services rendered. In no event shall NYC Potty Training, its members, partners, shareholders, subsidiaries or affiliates, or their respective officers… be held liable for special, business, incidental, consequential, punitive, direct, indirect, physical, compensatory, punitive or any other damages whatsoever, including but not limited to, physical injury, loss of property, however caused, whether for breach of contract, negligence, omission, or otherwise, regardless if NYC Potty Training has been advised of the possibility of any such damages. I’m pretty sure this means they can come into your house, break stuff, smear caca everywhere when your spoiled little kid refuses to sit on the potty, and eat the Balthazar croissants you left on the counter without consequence. Well, potty training is a pain in the ass, so if they really can deliver results and you have the money – why not? I didn’t realize there were people who were too wealthy to Google and then follow instructions.
I hate potty training, but that $2,000 would be better spent on Jack or Captain to help deal with the stress.
2k in either of those products does guarantee I forget how much I hate potty training for a while at least. My cousin, when he was first potty-trained, somehow managed to smash his penis in between the toilet seat and the lid. Actually, a lot of toilet seat lids are now designed so that they don’t slam for exactly this reason. I can totally get behind paying someone to do it – this company just seems like a bad deal. The disclaimers at the bottom are probably just for litigious people, ex: “You promised my child would be potty trained after a few days and then she had an accident on my $15,000 Oriental rug! I mean, they were on the bright end of average, not stupid or anything, but hardly exceptional.
Honestly, I could also see outsourcing it, or at least having someone come in to reassure you that it’s going as expected. Once a new site has been safely secured, the next step is to hire a portable toilet for the site workers. Where running water and connection to a mains water and drainage system are not available, these portable loos with a built-in water supply and drainage tanks should be used.

It is important that you provide an adequate number of toilets on site and this should be based upon on the number of people using the facilities and the frequency of emptying. All units come fitted with a recycling flush system, a wash basin, fixed soap dispenser and toilet roll holder.
Thank you for sending your callback request - a member of our team will respond to your enquiry. One of the questions that dog owners have with regard to training their dog is whether to hire a dog trainer or to train their dogs themselves.
There could be number of reasons why many people think that hiring a dog trainer for puppy training is more effective than self training. However, what many people do not understand is the fact that dog training or puppy training is not just about getting your dog to obey a few commands. So in this context, you will not be able to establish good relationship with your dog unless and until you spend time with your dog and interact with your dog.
I think that with guidance, alot of the basics can be learned on your own, but you must have patience and time to train the dog. I’m paying you $1750 to get my kid potty trained in two days, and you expect me to pay you and extra $200 so you can counsel me about potty training? If they worked for a week and then did once weekly follow-ups or something and then had a promise that it was done within 3 months or something. I keep envisioning a We Need to Talk About Kevin kindergarten situation and it’s totally bumming me out. My kid had steadfastly reused to use his diaper from 4 months on (for #2), he’s almost 20 months now. I’m about 2 seconds away from stuffing all his favorite toys in a closet until mine gets back on the program. Sadly not french, but I do speak it fluently and it’s from my favorite movie Love Me If You Dare.
We’re partway through the process with my daughter, and I CONSTANTLY feel like maybe if I were doing something differently it would be faster. BS6465–1:2006 recommends a ratio of 1 toilet to 7 persons where portable toilets are emptied once a week.

It could be that you do not have any time for puppy training or that you do not know where to start and how to go about puppy potty training.
It is rather about establishing a good relationship with your dog and about understanding your dog better so that you can tell them things in a way that they would understand and listen.
When you send your pet to a trainer it will get confused with regard to its own boundaries as well as the owner.
If you have time to spend with your pet, then you will as well be able to train your pet which is one of the best things for your pet. All your pet requires is care and little patience and what you need is the right dog training manual that will help you with step by step training process.
For around $2,000, NYC Potting Training will have your diapered kid using a toilet in two days – or your money back.
You can even get one that has a little seat as well as a big seat – a friend of mine has one for her daughter, and it’s very cool! And even though he HATES a dirty diaper with the fire of a thousand suns he’s started to poo in secret and then not tell anyone. My typical kids were fairly easy to potty train but my autistic child was awful to train (and she still needs to be taken on a schedule or she’ll have accidents).
So if they have a good track record it could be worth a shot for some people as a last ditch effort before preschool or some other big event. For your dog trainer, your dog is just is job but for you it is your pet and it is almost like your family member. And for some reason they only stink like half the time, so he’s ended up getting some pretty bad rashes. If these potty training people can commute to Philly I may be tempted to dip into my savings and call it a day. Honestly I think all dogs are different I’m still working on a lot but he is worth every second.

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