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June 17, 2013 by Erin My husband is a stay-at-home dad and that means that he is often the one taking control of the day-to-day activities in our house and that includes things like potty training.
We started by taking her diaper off during the day when we were home and we just let her run around naked, showing her the potty and gently reminding her to use it.
After each use of the potty, we would do a potty dance and sing and dance around the house in celebration.
To make each experience seem fun and worthwhile, we’ll be letting her peel and stick stickers to the chart after each bathroom break. Hey Erin, I’m heading down this same path as you Hunter is now 28 months old and I have had enough I cant take it anymore the diapers have got to go. I just don't get it, he seemed so happy to use the potty, now he wants very little to do with it.
Gone are the days of him going to the potty 100% of the time when I let him run around diaper-free. It's true, when you push a toddler to potty-train--especially a boy--you are essentially pushing in the wrong direction. Speaking of backfiring, he runs off to the bathroom or an empty room to crap his pants now!
That's right, Daylight Saving Time (DST) ENDS this Sunday, November 2, 2014 at 2am, whether you like it or not!
FUN FACT: Researsh shows trying to adjust your child's sleep by 15 minute increments the week leading up to the time change, will help your family adjust to the new time. For more tips for helping your child adjust to the new time, join the Pampers Twitter Party on Wednesday October 29th at 9pm EST. While talking with a girlfriend about all of the contraptions, toys and crap kids want and need to make their life complete, it dawned on us, that some of the most basic random things are all we want need to make our life as a parent complete. I was right, he is AMAZING with our son, and a better father than I ever could have imagined. All of that being said, all the love we have for our child, doesn't change how jacked-ass-up the world is.
With the winter months looming, it's time to look for some indoor activities to make those cold days a little less blah. Before I go any further, I want you to know I am a very realistic mother, with realistic expectations of my child. I have always loved this idea.I am just afraid I will have a trail of little red toesrunning through the house.
We'll only e-mail you a digest so if we go post happy on any particular day, your inbox won't be flooded. Knowing this, I haven't really pushed him, but more like, kindly encouraged him to use the potty, and still it backfired!

As much as I want to throw a tantrum over this, I understand this is not about me-- or him messing with me--it's about a big confusing scary change for my toddler.
Daylight saving time, in the modern sense, was first proposed by an English entomologist, George Vernon Hudson, in 1895. Daylight Saving Time was first observed on April 30, 1916, by Germany and Austria-Hungry to conserve coal during wartime.
Going to sleep at your normal bedtime on Saturday, should help you to get the extra hour of sleep most need.
Without further ado, today's 'Top 10 Tuesday' is all about 10 Random Things That Make Parenting So Much Easier.
A good case for my Smartphone- I know it's probably bad to kick off the list with talk of my phone, but I'll be honest, right now my toddler is OBSESSED with it! The ghetto DVD car player- Just because I don't drive a fancy car with a fancy home theater in the back of every headrest and drop down DVD players, doesn't mean I can't get the same effect with a little creativity! I still prefer to shove my phone in the space between the headrest and the seat.It works and it's free. For three GLORIOUS hours a twice a week, Ollie is at church playing, coloring and learning, while I am doing whatever I want. But if my son has taught me anything, it's that when we are alone together, the world is perfect, peaceful and wonderful.
I can get FTD to poke the holes for the spoons, and let ollie help me fill the bottles.That's family fun! But then again, I was foolish enough to think he would be out of diapers by is second birthday. I know it's not a direct slap in the face, but it's a little annoying since he KNOWS it's coming, yet still refuses to use the toilet. That's right, no 'S' I still think saving is a horrible word, since in the fall no parent is saving anything, since no child cares! The country's government reportedly calculated that 51.6 percent of Kazakhs responded badly to the time change. Even though the wild-child is old enough to sit in his booster chair at the table without the tray attachment, I still stick him in it for snack time so I can steal a few minutes to get things done, or catch my breath. Who knew the sweet little white noise Giraffe I got at my baby shower would still be an essential part of my child's bedtime routine nearly three years later?
I think it's the overwhelming love I have for my son that has turned me from selfish, to selfless.
I plan to keep it that way for as long as possible, by shielding him from the horrific realities of the world. The wild-child is now two years and eight months old, and coincidentally, I feel like we are two years and eight months from him being potty trained.

To add insult to injury, when I ask him why he hides, or why he won't use the potty, I get a blank stare. Experts say to begin the nighttime routine up to an hour early on Sunday to help prepare your child's mind and body for the early bedtime. If the kid is not dropping it, or putting sticky finger prints on it, he is smacking it because he is pissed at a game.
That way Ollie can see it, but not hold it, which inevitably leads to him screwing it up and begging me to put Mickey back on. From cleaning up messes, to wiping down the messy counters in a pinch, to cleaning up my car, to wiping up paint drops when I'm renovating, baby wipes are for WAY more than wiping my kid's butt. For the hour or so that the playdate is going on, my kid plays happily with his friend, while I chat with my friend.
Even though I tell him not to worry, and that I love him, inside I am screaming, SHIT IN THE POTTY KID!
If these charts are so great, maybe letting Ollie be a part of it's creation will really make the thing work. Giraffe has been a life saver so many times for getting Ollie to sleep in a noisy house, or just to comfort him with it's soothing noises. So in an attempt to keep order in my home, I always have back-up activities to do; preferably, things Ollie has never done. I also decided where I thought I'd lack in the parenting department, he would make up for it.
Since my phone is also key in my kingdom for buying 15 minutes of peace and quiet out of my toddler. The safe place is safe for him to eat, and safe to stay put while I do something around the house. I stock up on cheap crafts and busy toddler activities at the dollar store and craft store, so when the kid gets crazy, I can talk him down with a paint by numbers. Girls are usually easier then boys So good luck Its so nice when they are done with diapers!!! I get to sit on the couch chatting away while he plays happily at my feet with his little friend.

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