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Welcome to Month 4 of the Crafting is my Therapy Linky , hosted by myself and Me, You and Magoo !
25 quiet book patterns that are sure to keep your children's brains active and their hands happy. I couldn't find any simple crafts ideas for actually making a tractor, so I came up with this one.
I did carry on doing French manicures for a while, I was actually quite good at it, although of course it does take a bit of time as you wait for each bit to dry. Then the other weekend I found myself in a shopping centre without children and some points to spend on my Boots card. I've also discovered through Pinterest that there are incredibly talent nail artists out there, blogging away with photos of all the different designs that they come up with, it's amazing. I found that the world of nail varnish has moved on in my absence, the colour dried very quickly within minutes and it cleaned off really easily. My husband and I love travel, and we've been lucky enough to have visited many countries around the world. We also looked at an actual physical atlas, to familarise him with the shapes of the different countries and continents. We also made lots of flags from different countries in Europe to celebrate the Euro 2012 football tournament and the Olympics. I ordered him a half size larger than his current shoes (which he is about to grow out of anyway) and they fitted nicely with room for growth.
Visit the Skeanie website to find out more information about the shoes and to purchase on-line. We painted it pink (Harry's choice) and I used cream card to make the shaped bit at the front.
If you have a toddler obsessed with campervans you can find lots of campervan crafts, activities and resources over on my other blog! If you've been weaning your baby in the traditional way, by the time that they reach 12 months or so they will be ready to eat the same food as the rest of the family. In the video below you can see the Plum Cookery School in action in the fourth of Plum's weaning videos. We've used Plum products at all stages of weaning, and there are such a wide range of products that you can pick and choose as to what suits your family and weaning style, whether for an entire meal or just for simple, healthy snacks and finger food. Making large toys from cardboard boxes is brilliant, because when you are done you can squash and recycle them. I've not used the full version, as I find that the Lite version does everything that I need it to.
We made little tractors using just an empty toilet roll tube and two milk bottle lids, along with glue and paint to decorate.

Try and make the cuts in a part of the toilet roll tube that doesn't have any overlapping card. When colours other than red and pink first became popular around about the mid 90's, I started my collection with a gorgeous pale blue, purchased on a special trip to Miss Selfridge in the next town.
When I first became pregnant I had the idea that you couldn't wear nail varnish and so I stopped, and until recently I hadn't worn any for years. Nowadays of course you can buy the bright colours everywhere, although the range that I ended up buying from was called Miss Sporty, which I'm not sure really describes me anymore!
To a certain extent that is on hold for the next few years, but I'm still keen to teach Harry (and Mia of course when she's a bit older) about the world and his place in it. I drew the key features (sofa, television, mantlepiece, window etc.) and explained to him what they were.
I found our house, and then I zoomed out to show him our street, village, country and so on right out to a map of the world. We have a world map in our study and one over his bed in his bedroom, and we often talk about the different countries.
Together we put together a Me on the Map book, which is a really good way to introduce the concept of geography to small children.
This also helped to re-inforce the idea of the world being made up of lots of different countries.
The brand may be new to you - Skeanies started out in Australia and are now available in Europe.
I used little cardboard boxes to make a bed and a sofa, then we stuck a photograph of a television onto a small box and made a fruit bowl and table with bottle lids. However not all the food that you eat as a family may be suitable for a baby, for example it might still be too high in salt or sugar. The mums are shown how to make some healthy chicken nuggets for their babies using the Plum stage four products.
Plum have designed the videos so that the information can be passed on to as many other mums as possible, sharing cooking tips and inspiring mums to feed their babies a healthy and varied diet.
Even though I've had babies that have wanted to be independent eaters, I've found products like small packets of baked biscuits really useful to keep in the change bag for when you're out and about and baby starts to get hungry and grumpy. I also like making things that can be used, and I think it's really important to teach children that not everything needs to come from a shop, and you can also improvise with what you have around you.
On my blog you can read all about our adventures as a family, as we travel and craft together.
Over the next couple of years I built up a collection of nail varnish in almost every colour and I would spend hours painting my nails in different colours, with various horizontal and vertical stripes.
I've pointed out ones with distinctive shapes like Australia, and ones with special meaning to use, like the United Kingdom and India, where one set of grandparents are from.

There are lots of activities that you can do when you have a selection of flags, for example sorting them according to the colours that they contain or the features that they have, like stripes or circles. If I were to have another pair I wouldn't let him wear them on his scooter - unfortunately because they are so soft they have suffered a bit where he has dragged his toes along the ground. I have fond memories of the Playmobil campervan we had when I was little, and so I thought I'd have a go at making a simple camper van for Harry to play with.
For the distinctive Volkswagen camper van logo I printed one out that I found on Google Images.
Successfully weaning a baby can seem like a really complicated process with lots of conflicting information. The chicken nuggets are really easy to make using simple ingredients, and the recipe is followed by an easy and healthy meal for parents too!
Not only are they way cool and sure to be a hit, but they seem pretty straightforward and simple to make. I don't know why I got out of the habit, perhaps it was when I went to University and had less time, and over the years I had to throw out the bottles as they dried up. Then I drew three circles on a piece of paper to represent the cups, and drew an X where the toy was. However I would still recommend Skeanies, in particular if you are looking for a pair of shoes that is a little different to those in the shoe shops.
So in June, organic baby food brand Plum ran a competition for five lucky mums to come down to the Plum Cookery School in Buckinghamshire to learn about Plum's recipes and to offer expert advice and support on the weaning process. The paint doesn't stick to the sellotape very well, if you wanted to improve the look of your tractor you could cover the pieces with coloured paper, or just use glue to join the ends together. To my surprise Harry picked this up very quickly and was able to find the toy when I hid it while his back was turned.
He did pretty well with this, he couldn't manage it when the map was rotated but I think that he had at least some understanding that the picture on the paper related to the objects in the room around him.
I found the places that we walk to locally, the playground, the village shops, baby group and so  on, and he loved it. They are simple plastic wheels which screw into the cardboard, they also come with a pull cord. Celebrity chef Rachel Allen and child nutrition expert Beverley Glock helped to put together a series of weaning videos to pass on their advice. I left him to explore by himself clicking around with the mouse and he was entertained for ages.

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