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Instead of writing about it when there are other great articles out there by trainers I respect, I wanted to share this link. Lisa Desatnik, CPDT-KA, CPBC, is a certified Cincinnati dog and parrot trainer, and behavior consultant, who has been learning about applied behavior analysis and how it applies to setting people and pets up for training success for more than 13 years; and is continually looking for educational opportunities from the best in the field so that she can pass that information along to help others. My primary service areas in Greater Cincinnati are Deer Park, Sycamore Township, Blue Ash, Montgomery, Oakley, Hyde Park, Mt. If you are not sure how often you should take your puppy out to urinate or defecate, there is a helpful rule of thumb for you to abide to. Puppies and dogs in general feel the need to defecate usually within minutes or half hour right after meals. Later on, as the dogs is better house trained you can teach your dog to alert you when he really has to go. While house training may feel like a very long time, your dog sooner than later will eventually learn, it is just a matter of time. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Slide ini adalah contoh slide pelatihan renungan kematian yang diselenggarakan selama 2 jam dari CerdasMulia Leadership and Training Center. Baca dan sebarkan ilmu ini semoga akan menjadi amal sholeh di Ahkirat kelak “Dan Dirikanlah shalat dan tunaikanlah zakat. Slide ini dipersembahkan oleh: Arry Rahmawan Professional Talent Development TrainerPresident Executive CerdasMulia Leadership and Training Center Siapa sebenarnya Arry Rahmawan? You'll find lots of puppy house training articles and theories across the net and in books everywhere, but I'm pleased to say that I've got a method that has never let me down.
Closely monitor your puppy to prevent messy mistakes, enthusiastically reward desired behavior every time, and if a mistake happens work out where you went wrong.
Owning a puppy is a big commitment for all family members, especially in the first few days and weeks. Puppy potty training is not a race, the key is to prevent mistakes and establish good habits early - dogs are creatures of habit. From your dogs point of view there is no right or wrong place to go to the toilet, they feel like going and just do it. Opening your back door every couple of hours to let your puppy out will not house train your puppy. No matter how attentive and diligent you are in the house training process there is bound to be the odd slip up. My puppy house training strategy involves close supervision and confinement to start with but only so we can allow our puppies greater freedom and much sooner. Understand your puppy's capabilities and be realistic, keep in mind you are dealing with a very young animal. This method is for when you are at home with your puppy, follow it as closely as you possibly can. You can also set up a small pen area with a comfortable dog bed, fresh water and a couple of chew toys (like a food stuffed kong toy). If your pup does eliminate continue to repeat your cue word and the instant your dog finishes doing his business enthusiastically praise and reward him with a small tasty treat. Immediately after a successful toilet trip outside you can allow your puppy some free play time (under supervision) in the house. Continue with this 60 minute puppy house training schedule, you'll be rewarded for sticking to it.
In addition to your 60 minute schedule it is important to take your puppy outside after each meal time (most puppies go to the potty within 15 minutes of eating). That's the puppy house training process, follow it consistently and I'm sure you'll experience pleasing results. If you aren't able to install a doggy door it is handy if you teach your dog the right way to let you know he wants to go outside.

Follow the puppy house training schedule as detailed above but now add the following: Each time you get to the door to go outside give the bell a bit of a shake and say "go potty". Eventually your dog will make his way to the door and tap the bell every time he needs to go outside to the toilet. For more puppy house training information and also a fantastic tool to obedience train your puppy at home visit Secrets to Puppy Training. If you require even more puppy house training tips and solutions the ebook above comes with my very highest recommendation - it is simply the best book ever written on puppy house training. Opening the door and letting your puppy outside every couple of hours is just not enough to house train him.
There are some clear guidelines that need to be followed to achieve the success that you desire.
Try again taking him to his toilet area in about 20minutes and follow the process above again.
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Lookout, Indian Hill, Madeira, Mariemont, Wyoming, Finneytown, Glendale, Newtown, Anderson and surrounding areas. In nature, dogs live in dens and dens are kept clean because dogs dislike sleeping where they soil. Your dog will learn to associate your words with going potty and later he may learn to pee or poop on command, making it easier for you to house train. If you must head out and you want your dog to go potty so you can relax knowing he will not soil his crate, take him for a nice 15 minute walk. Just as human toddlers some get it quickly others take a bit more time but they all get it and that is what mostly matters. Dalam pelatihan ini peserta diajak untuk melakukan inner journey sekaligus merasakan sensasi bagaimana berada di alam kubur. It soon becomes clearly apparent that puppy house training is an urgent priority and the number one thing to teach our new housemates.
The potty training technique I have come to rely on and trust requires a fair degree of commitment to begin with but the rewards are quick and last forever. It is our job to clearly communicate and reinforce where it is acceptable to eliminate and also where it is not acceptable. Don't worry about it just ensure that you clean mistakes up thoroughly, including the use of an odor neutralizer to take away any lingering smell. Young puppies can only hold on for so long before they need to go, they don't have much control early on. Each day feed at the same time (never close to bed time) and take away your dogs water bowl before you go to bed (don't forget to put it back first thing in the morning!).
At the same time say and repeat a cue word you would like to attach to the act of your dog eliminating. Make it clear that you are very happy with him and that he is the best little puppy on the block!
Just spend some time enjoying the company of your puppy, then place him back in his crate or pen area.
Remember that you are trying to prevent any mistakes and at the same time establish good habits in your little puppy.
Yes well, firstly do not feed your puppy close to bedtime and take away his water before you go to bed (don't forget to put it back first thing in the morning).

When you are not home you will need to set up an area with comfortable bedding, water, toys and a toilet. Do this by hanging a Poochie-Bell on a piece of string attached to the door handle (at the level of your puppy's nose).
You want your puppy to give it a nudge, if he does, give lots of enthusiastic praise and quickly open the door. To purchase the "poochie bells" and other great clicker training resources visit here - Karen Pryor Clicker Training. They do not like to soil their sleeping area, so this should help in toilet training your German Shepherd. Click on this link to find out more and get help with a very comprehensive guide on German Sheperd house training. More and more organisations are adopting these principles in various disciplines to provide improved delivery capability.
Her individualized dog (and parrot) training consultations focus on using the most positive strategies for solving pet behavior issues. Expect messes here and there so invest in a good amount of pet safe detergents, cleaning supplies and carpet cleaning products. So in order to work, a crate should be large enough for the puppy to lay down and turn around but not so large as to allow the dog to defecate or urinate in a corner without being bothered by it.
Eventually, all the cleaning days will be finally over and you wil be amazed of how fast that tiny furball has grown up to be an adult sized dog! If your pet is exhibiting behavior problems please refer to a professional pet behaviorist.
If after 3-4 minutes of circling around your puppy shows no signs of needing to eliminate take him back inside (put in crate or pen) and try again in about twenty minutes.
You'll need to set your alarm clock to go off once and possibly twice throughout the night.
Place the indoor doggy toilet at the opposite side to the bedding in your puppy's living area. If your puppy doesn't nudge the bell after standing at the door for 10 seconds, shake the bell yourself while saying "go potty". Sooner than later your dog will train you to open the door once he approaches it, which is a great way to properly toilet train your dog. You may need to buy a special light from pet stores that will help you identify soiled areas that need cleaning.
This means that a 2 month old puppy can be expected to hold on for three hours and at 3 months old this same pup could be expected to hold on for four hours at a time.
In your dogs mind you are building an association between the cue "hurry up!" and him emptying out.
This is an important step, just take your puppy out to the toilet area as usual and then hop back into bed. When you arrive home remove the toilet area inside and follow the potty training method detailed above. Do not scold or praise if more than five seconds have passed otherwise your dog may not know why you are praising or disciplining him.
Your dog will learn to get your attention by telling you vocally, which is great if you are in another room. When your puppy is young it is physically impossible for him to hold on all night, but before long you will both be sleeping peacefully right through the night. However, there are a few guidelines you must adhere to in order to succesfully house train your dog.

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