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Hyperloop transportation and what it means for architecture Architects react to MoMA A+D Galleries shutting down… temporarily 30 Best Free Resume Templates For Architects Architecture as Frozen Music: 10 Extraordinary Concert Hall Designs ! As the first military project of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM), the Great Lakes Naval Training Center takes the form of a rectangle and stretches along a narrow site.
Designed by Gordon Bunshaft during World War II, Hostess House provided respite and welcome for thousands of cadets who trained at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Chicago. Potentially significant photo taken by Harris and Ewing of Washignton DC, the subject is the Great Lakes Naval Training School Football Team visiting the White House. RMY Auctions is an industry leading auction site for rare, unique, vintage, historic, antique, iconic and collectible photos (photographs). We wrapped up the day with dinner at the Moon River Brewing brewpub and restaurant on Bay Street.
When we got back to the car, some enterprising soul had left this card tucked under our windshield. Stopped in to visit a fraternity brother of mine who lives in a "golf community" in Estero.

Here's Tracy asking one of Caya Hueso's finest for directions to the nearest scooter rental facility. Stopped to take a picture of the famous Seven Mile Bridge on our way down the Overseas Highway. After dinner, the nine of us (Tracy and myself, John and Keri and their youngest son, Jason, Chris and Michelline and their two daughters, Libby and Tori) wandered the old town for an hour or so. Today, we've got a nine-hour drive to Key West, so it's into the shower for me and then we've got to hit the road. What are the white things that look like little plastic gourds that people hang in arrays in their yards? Why are there so many dilapidated houses that look like they've just been left to fall down?
I can't say this with absolute certainty, but I think this might be the first time I've ever seen a sunrise.
The Marmona EconoLodge where we stayed last night was a good example of what $45 will get you for a motel room.

The diverse program includes a reading and a writing room, a reception room, a lounge, a terrace and several offices. Hostess House is the only surviving World War II era building. Noted for its dramatic overhangs, soaring laminate wood trusses and strong connection with the surrounding landscape, Hostess House is an early example of SOM’s pioneering dedication to integrated architecture. We back each photo with a guarantee of authenticity as well the industry's lowest buyer's premium. Augustine (no internet access, so this update will be delayed) and I'm watching CNN's report on the Elliott Spitzer prostitution scandal. Air Force Academy – Center for Character & Leadership DevelopmentColorado Springs, ColoradoU.S.
Whoa, look, it still knows exactly where we are." After we grabbed a bite at the Hillsdale rest stop on the Garden State, we plugged in the street in Marmona we needed to get to and let Maggie guide us there.

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