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After talking to a few people about the place where we got our baby boy, we found out that it was a puppy mill and they were shut down about a year after we got him.
The Animal Rescue Site features fan-submitted rescue stories in addition to offering clothing, jewelry, pet supplies, and hundreds of other items.  Every purchase donates food to animals in need! About Melaniestudied English and has a bachelor's degree in psychology, with a focus on animal behavior, neuropsychology, and psychotherapy. Melanie was sharing this profile with Fred, who is new to the Life With Dogs family, so many stories that were written by Fred from April 2014 - June 2014 will appear under Melanie's name.
Wow, I bet it’s really hard to breathe in that thin air so far above all us mere mortals.
True, any time you buy a puppy from a place like that either direct from the “mill” people, from an online source or from the pet shop, you are funding the puppy mill trade and condemning the adults dogs to a further life in hell in the mill! I wish the laws were more strict and the police more vigilant about this, and the punishment more severe. Noelle and Rick you both evidently cannot read or you would have read that it was a PUPPY MILL that she got the puppy from so even if she didn’t know it at the time, SHE DID RESCUE HIM!!!
I’m an advocate for shutting down puppy mills, however, this is all about loads of love for a dog, which is all that matters in the end. What I think they should do is outlaw puppy mills and any and all who abuse and dump animals also those who kill them for no reason.
Our little doxie was in a puppy mill being used for stud til they found out he was epileptic. I agree I don’t care if she paid 500 dollars for the dog the dog is in a better place and that is what matters.
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She shares two pit bulls (adopted from the SPCA Serving Erie County) with her family, as well as three adopted cats with her husband, Fred. I guess anyone who adopts an unwanted child is human trash as well since they are obviously promoting irresponsible pregnancies.
Is it just to demonstrate that your head is so far up you ass that you can’t see the forest for the shyt?
Also it should become a federal crime to hurt an innocent animal of all sizes no matter what they are. Luckily they surrendered him to Dachshund Rescue of North America where we were happy to find him. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t understand the puppy mill thing, and saying horrid things about her for removing a puppy from a wretched situation, even if it did consist of buying him from the puppy mill, is not exactly the way to win friends and influence people. I wish I could give a safe some to an unwanted or abused animal, but I am unable to have a pet where I live.
Authorities when asked to help in most situations such as this turn their head the other way. Even once a kind hand, warm bed and nutritious food have been provided, the abuse he previously endured can be seen in the actions he takes to continue protecting himself for survival.
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We wanted to get her a friend so I began looking for another lab a few days after Christmas.
Before we could leave the guy tried to get us to buy another puppy, showing us the hundreds of other puppies they had.
Every evening when I get home from work he comes up to have his chest rubbed but he sits on my toes with his back to me. She takes pride in being a grammar enthusiast and advocating for animals, the environment, equal rights, and humanitarianism. People like that, who run puppy mills, they’ve forfeited their right to live in a civilized society.
This puppy needed a home regardless of where is was from, and lucky for him his found a loving forever home.
If you adopt an animal you should be adopting it for life and if you move or add to your family you should include the animal you took into your home. You think it would have been better for her to have left that pup in that situation and just gone to the authorities and tried to get them to shut the place down? Please note that an adopted puppy mill rescued dog may be at different stages of rehab so we have tried to start this from the beginning. A great amount of patience, empathy, understanding and knowledge are required to successfully rehabilitate the puppy mill survivor. Donc, je peut vous faire cinq conseils pour acheter la robe de mariee bon marche, et je vous souhaite qui peut vous aider choisir une robe et sans casser votre budget de mariage. With hot sales sweatshirt, but also to promote the importance of sports fans, on health, on the other hand is a matter of concern for the World Cup, fans wearing NFL jerseys and also can express themselves more fully love and obsession Therefore, NFLWholesale jerseys jerseys wholesale has good prospects and development in China.
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So I have to bend over him to rub his chest, [and] once my face is close enough I get a big wet kiss or he will just lay his head in my lap for it to be petted and kissed. She loves camping, cooking, taking photos, listening to psychedelic rock and indie music, and making all sorts of crafty things - from charm bracelets and paper rose bouquets to kitty condos and feral cat houses! This person may think that she rescued her dog but instead of publishing her story as a tale of rescue maybe you would be better to kindly let her know that her action was actually a huge part of the problem.
These disgusting places stay in business because everybody wants that cute little puppy and turns a blind eye on the conditons that the parent dogs are forced to live out their miserable lives in. You should have the baby and the dog if that is what you have learn to live with each other.
He bonded with my wife, and it took 2 years of gentle patience for him to totally accept me. Yes, I think the place should have been shut down, but am also glad that at least that one dear puppy found a good home.
I have been working on a case here in MI for 9 mo to have this terrible inhumane breeder shut down.
Permission is granted to use this article, unedited, on your website or in print, as long as credit is linked to this page.Every mill survivor is different. After a few warm baths we got the caked on mud off the little boy and found that he was a beautiful yellow. Glad this mill is closed down but there are litterally thousands more of them across the U.S. What works on one or many, will completely fail on others; the only thing that is consistent is that they will need lots of patience, understanding, love, and probably most importantly, unconditional acceptance of what they are and what their limitations may be. Finally, look at the price, our price is not necessarily the lowest in the whole website but it must be most fair on the whole website, we certainly you will not regret later when you buy it. They keep that human trash in business and they become human trash themselves by purchasing dogs from pet stores, puppy mills or breeders. If you move make sure you move to a place that allows you to have the animal with you otherwise stay where you are. Back yard breeders continue to thrive as most law enforcement official won’t do their job and let the breeders with the barest of necessities continue to operate. At first glance a mill survivor may look like many of your friends' dogs; maybe not a perfect example of the breed, but close.

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It would turn into a hoarding situation with more dogs being allowed to breed, meaning more puppies for them to either try to sell or dump at a shelter. If you want to recruit people into the cause of going after puppy mills, you’d better cut a little slack. We have millions of dogs here in this country put to sleep every year but last month the humane society was a hero as they saved many dogs from Korea going to a meat market.
Think of the entire fiasco from the dog’s perspective without adding in your own beliefs of human ideas such as freedom and love. So your argument holds no water, but it’s nice of you pious folks to join our discussion. Those of you writing the hateful missives are not people I’d be willing to work with, even though I love dogs and loathe puppy mills. Many have fur so matted that it all had to be shaved off and even the short haired breeds suffer from thin dull coats. All you know is your cage, the cold or extreme heat, the rare occasion that a human brings you food or water, and always pregnant or breeding. Many times removing the filth and matting have only revealed open sores, usually from flea allergies or sarcoptic mange.
This is the world of a puppy mill dog, and once he has been rescued his world has been flipped upside down.
Their ears are often full of filth and usually mites and some survivors suffer from permanent hearing loss because of untreated ear infections. He needs help to navigate his new life, as well as learn to cope with the limited emotional and social development he was allowed previously.At the time of the rescue, most of these dogs are suffering in some form of physical problems.
They could be in pain from infected paw pads due to walking on rusted wire flooring, have open wounds from other animal attacks or even mange, fleas or ticks. Many vets who are not familiar with puppy mill rescued dogs will miscalculate the age of the dog if using only the teeth as their guide.
Some may be in such agony that the touch from a human, even when meant to be a comforting pat on the head, is painful. Many survivors also suffer from swollen, splayed and sore feet from so much time walking on wire. Keep this in mind when your foster dog or newly adopted puppy mill dog flinches from your hand, according to Michelle Bender and Kim Townsend.
While finally getting some good nutrition and extensive medical care after arriving in rescue, all too often there remains the psychological damage that can't be fixed with a bath, medicine, or surgery. He could be scared due to a lack of socialization, or so used to touch causing pain that he automatically reacts from a conditioned consequence that had previously occurred from a touch.The rehabilitationAfter living life in a small cage, the openness of the outdoors or even a small bedroom can be easily overwhelming to a dog who never knew such things.
We would love to say that every puppy mill survivor only needs love to turn it into a wonderful family pet, but that would be a lie.
Compare it to being abducted by an otherworldly being and placed in a totally new, and vast environment while aliens are standing over you attempting to pat your head. The damage done during the years in the mill usually can be overcome, but it takes time and dedication.
Almost all puppy mill dogs feel safest in the confines of a crate, so it may help to start out with a good sized crate with the door open at all times, providing him the choice to come out and explore on his own terms.
Not being "up to it" is no crime, but you need to be honest with yourself, and us, about your expectations. These dogs have already been through more than their share of heartache and if your entire family is not willing to make the commitment, the dog is better off staying in our care until the perfect home for them is found. HandlingMany mill survivors have spent their entire life in the mill with only a elevated wire cage to call home. If he likes other dogs, and if you have other canines in your household, they should be allowed access to visit him in his crate.
Puppies who grow up in a mill miss out on many crucial socialization periods with humans and they never learn to trust, to love, or to play. It is a dog’s nature to read the body language of others, and if he sees dogs that are comfortable in this seemingly strange environment then he may, in time, also become relaxed. They have had very minimum physical contact with people and have virtually no concept of what to expect (or what is expected of them) when they are placed in a family situation. Whenever you walk past his crate, feel free to toss a small bite of cheese or real meat his way while quietly saying his name, then promptly walking away. Their life in the mill may have been what we would consider unpleasant, but it is the only life they have ever known.
This will help to condition him to view your presence as a rewarding thing!Building confidenceTrust is probably the biggest learning curve for a puppy mill dog in rehabilitation, but building his confidence to face normal, everyday challenges goes hand in hand with trust! In the mill, they were probably fed and watered using automatic dispensers, and their feces and urine was only cleaned after it fell through the wire that they lived on. He must first trust that you will not harm him, and that you are a positive thing in his life. Actual human contact normally came when they were being vaccinated, dewormed, or moved to a new cage to breed or to whelp puppies. Next, he must be able to use that trust to face things that may scare him, such as walking on a leash on a sidewalk with traffic passing by. Many of the quirks that mill dogs might have will be discovered while the dog is still in our rescue, but there are things that may develop after the dog feels a little more comfortable in your home. He will use that trust that you would not put him in harm’s way to conquer leash walking skills as well as passing by loud, large, and frightening people, objects, and even flooring types.According to Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project, confidence building can occur in the simplest basic obedience sessions. As he learns to sit, lay down and stay put his confidence in you and himself will grow in each session.
Even trick training will help him grow and thrive, and you will soon see his true personality begin to pop out of that protective shell he has been living in.
They have work to do, and don't really want to stand around holding some stinky little dog any longer than necessary.
Make everything you do together a positive and gentle event, so that he learns quicker and will look forward to every session as well as everything else you two may do together!
It is not uncommon for these survivors to be sensitive to the backs of their necks, after all, it brings the unexpected. Many mill dogs will try to always face you, not trusting you enough to give you easy access to them from behind. NEVER startle a mill survivor from behind, you will lose any trust that you may have gained. Always make sure that they are anticipating you picking them up and consistently verbally tell them what you are going to do with the same word, like "up". It is not uncommon for a mill dog to drop their bellies to thefloor when they know you are going to pick them up, some will even roll on their backs, often urinating in the process.
This is a submissive move on the dog's part, and while it may be frustrating trying to pick up a dog in this position, these dogs will seldom show aggression in their lives. It is okay to go ahead and pick up a dog while they are in this position, but if time is not of the essence, encourage the dog to come to you by sitting a few feet away and calling him.
Always be gentle and try to avoid picking them up until you see that they are receptive to it. The gunman may never harm you in any way, but you are aware of the danger the entire time and you don't have the ability to leave when you want.
No matter how nice the gunman is to you, you will never enjoy the experience and will always watch for an escape route; however, you can turn the tables around and see a ray of hope. Learning about the HouseMany times when you bring a mill survivor into your home, it is their instinct to hide in a quiet corner.
Any new dog that you bring into your home should be kept separated from other family pets for 7 days. This allows the dog to feel safe in the crate, yet observe everyday activity and become accustomed to it; they need to hear the table being set, the dishwasher running, phones ringing, and people talking. After the quarantine, when the dog is out of the crate and supervised, it is not a bad idea to let them drag a leash around with them.
It is easy to fall into the mindset that they must be pampered and carried everywhere, but leash training is important.

It will make your life easier to have a leash trained dog, but it will also offer your dog confidence in the future.Gaining TrustA mill dog has no reason to trust you. For the majority of mill dogs, accepting a treat right out of your hand is a huge show of trust. Because most of our mill rescues have been fed with self-feeders and confined to small places, it is not uncommon for them to be a little overweight.
If there is no vomiting or diarrhea and your dog is otherwise acting healthy, a few days of nibbling at their food while they learn to live by your schedule, is not going to hurt them.
It is important to teach them that food is fed on a schedule and you should not be leaving food down at all times.While you shouldn't overly force yourself upon your dog, it does need to get used to you.
If you bring your guest outside you have just reinforced to your dog that barking will make the intruder go away. HousebreakingA child spends the first one to two years of their life soiling their diaper and having you remove the dirty diaper and replace it with a clean one. A regular schedule, constant reinforcement, praise, and commitment on your part are a must!
Would you ever scream at your child, march them to the bathroom and make them sit on the toilet AFTER you discovered they soiled their diaper? This will produce a stool that normally is firm (very easy to clean up) and only one or two bowel movements a day are normal.
Low cost, or over the counter foods have a lot of fillers and it is very hard to get a dog on a regular cycle using these foods. We could give you a million tips that our adopters have found to work best for them, but as we have said, every dog is different.
As long as you always keep in mind that housebreaking and potty training are one in the same, you should eventually see results. While we have focus mainly on bowel movements, urinating in the house is just as hard to correct as defecating in the house (if not worse). We will go into that in more detail, below, but if urinating in the house remains a problem for your dog, we highly recommend crate training. This can be researched online in more detail, but if crate training is not working because your dog is soiling in the crate, you should discontinue the training immediately--as you are only reinforcing that it is okay to soil their area.
In general, if you can understand your dog's bowel patterns, you will usually find that they urinate before or after a bowel movement.
Reinforce the positive and work on the negative, as most dogs will understand "outside" and associate it with both urinating and defecating. Of course, in the meantime, you will want to protect your carpets by either removing any that can be rolled up, or confining the dog to a tiled floor when you aren't holding it on your lap.
However, in a puppy mill situation, the dog's area is normally a 2X4 cage with other dogs in and around their 'territory'. It becomes a constant battle of establishing territory and it is not uncommon to see male and female survivors with marking problems.Normally, marking is seen in dogs with a dominant nature. This is good in the sense that these dogs can normally withstand verbal correction better than submissive dogs.
The word 'NO' will become your favorite word as you try to deal with the problem of dogs that mark. Using other cleaning products may actually cause your dog to mark over the same area again. Your dog will feel the need to mark over normal cleaning products, but normally has no interest in areas neutralized by vinegar.2. These can be found in any pet store, but most 'housebreaking pads' are treated with ammonia to encourage a puppy to go on the pad instead of the carpet; since we are trying to discourage your dog from marking, these aren't always the best choice. Staple, tape or pin these pads (white side facing outward) to any area that your dog is prone to mark (walls, furniture, etc.). These are not a solution to the problem, but will help protect your home while you deal with the problem.3. Shake and spray this onto the fabric areas you want to protect, such as the base of the sofa and the carpet below doorways or areas your dog is apt to mark. It may make the area stiff feeling at first but it will normally 'blend' in with normal household temperatures and humidity. Depending on the size of your dog you can use the elastic end of your husbands tube socks, the sleeve of sweatshirt, etc. Simply fit the material to your dog and then place a female sanitary napkin under the penis.
Another easy way is to measure your dog, cut the fabric and sew on Velcro to hold it in place. There are also many sites on the internet to order these if making them yourself is just not up your alley. But nothing is more gross than owning a dog who eats poop!Coprophagia is the technical term, but for the purpose of this article, we're just going to call it the 'affliction'.Dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes have the affliction but in puppy mill rescues, it is not uncommon at all to find dogs afflicted with this horrible habit. As in any bad habit, the cure lies in understanding the unacceptable behavior.There are three primary reasons that a puppy mill survivor is afflicted.
Rescues that have come from a mill where dogs were not fed properly often resort to eating their own or other dog's feces as a source of food.
These types of situations will usually remedy themselves when the dog realizes that he is always going to get fed. It is also easy to discourage this behavior by adding over-the-counter products to their food which are manufactured for this purpose.
There are several reasons why a dog learned to behave like this, but the most common cause is being housed with dominant dogs who fight over food.
These dominant dogs will often guard the food dish and prevent the more submissive dogs from eating even if the dominant dog is not hungry. Food aggression in caged dogs is usually fast and furious and often results in severe injury to the submissive dogs. Because the dominant dog is often eating much more than is needed, the stool is virtually undigested and contains many of the nutrients and 'flavors' of the original meal; therefore almost as tasty to the submissive dog as if he'd ate the real thing.
Puppies that were raised with a dominant mother or dominant litter mates also pick up this habit very early--in this case, it is a little harder to treat, but it can usually be done.This eating pattern is usually maintained throughout the dog's life, so the age of your dog will play a big role in how hard it is to correct the behavior. We can almost guarantee that once your dog has learned to search out the popcorn, he'll pass those fresh turds right up, LOL! It may take weeks or months before your dog 'unlearns' to seek out stools but most dogs are receptive to this training.
Pica is a psychological disorder which is much more in depth and serious than anything we can discuss in this guide.A good rescuer will observe dogs prior to placement and will recognize the seriousness of this problem. A dog suffering from Pica should never be placed in an inexperienced home or any home that is not aware of the problem and the dangers. Dogs suffering from Pica will often end up having surgery--.often several times--for objects they have eaten that can not be digested. If in doubt, consult your vet.The "special" onesOccasionally, we see the survivor who has survived the mill, but at such a great cost that they can never be "brought around". These are the dogs that have endured so much suffering that they remind us of children who are abused, and survive by separating their mind from the body. They need a scheduled environment but most importantly, a home where they are accepted for who and what they are.
They may never jump up on a couch and cuddle with you, or bring you a ball to play catch, but you will see the joy that they take in living each day knowing that they will have clean bedding, fresh food and water, and unconditional love.
They seem to have shunned the world, and most certainly mankind, and have created their own little world without humans. We work not only to adopt dogs, but to educate their new owners about the truth behind that puppy in the pet store window.
We hope that you will keep a journal or blog on the reform of your puppy mill dog, and we hope that you will join us in our campaign to educate the public--through the eyes of the survivors--by always taking the opportunity to further educate others.
Together we have made a difference in the life of just one dog, but together we can also make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of dogs still caged in puppy mills.

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