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Chief White has been serving as Fire Chief for the City of Daphne since August 2007. Learn more. The Daphne Search and Rescue Unit is an all volunteer first responder team that is based in Daphne. Learn more. We suggest a large cat litter box lined with a few sheets of newspaper and topped with a layer of hay. There are also commercial litters, but only paper-based products (Carefresh, Yesterday’s News) or hardwood shavings (aspen wood) should be used. Note: Some cat litters (clumping and clay) and pine and cedar shavings can cause major health issues in rabbits.

Good news for gardeners: Most rabbit-safe litters are biodegradable and rabbit fecal pellets make wonderful fertilizer.
Please choose from the list below for more information about the Daphne Fire Department, including station locations, training schedule, and a message from the Chief! Extruded, pelleted plant-fiber litter (Feline Pine, Aspen Fresh) or chemical-free woodstove pellets are alternatives. The contents of the litter box can be thrown into a compost pile, used as mulch, or put directly into the garden. Presenting them with a litter box in their chosen spot, usually a corner, is sometimes all it takes to litter train.

Each day, top off the litter box with fresh hay, and every few days empty the litter box and replace the newspaper and hay. You can clean the litter box with a paper towel and a spray of plain white vinegar, which neutralizes the ammonia in rabbit urine and helps dissolve any calcium residue in the litter box.

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