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I have a beautiful dog, Romeo, he is four years old and he is half boston Terrier and half Maltese. I have a Boston Maltes cross (confirmed by Wisdom Panel) and he looks very similar to Petey.
We did one time but sintz the whole thing with the lite pole the Humans have hidden the car keys so there is no more driving. She was difficult to potty train as we wish for her to go outside and, at the time, she did not have a role model to look up to.

Some may have solid or speckled noses, as our Jezebel's is speckled.Potty training has not been difficult at all. Her hair is a mix of wirey and poofy and looks absolutely horrendous if allowed to grow long.
My favorite body part of hers is her spotted tummy (so cute & soft).Everyone that she comes into contact with loves her to death! I have gotten so many inquires as to where to get one like her or offers to doggy sit or (heaven forbid) if I ever had to find a home for her, they want to be a the top of the list.

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