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I’ve been getting a few people contacting me who are interested in getting a full training system.
My Blog ~ Talk On DogsTip of the Week!Here’s your “Tip of the Week” : Leash walk every day… Take your puppy out for a leash walk every day.
The problem is often with the owners’ expectations of what a puppy should know and do. He will chew, cry, whine, make messes, get into things, nip, mouth, bite, snoop, run and hide.
I have to say, if you are ready for an entire training system for you and your puppy, check out the Hands Off Dog Training Formula.

It is easy to read and understand, with chapters on some of the most frequently asked questions about puppy behaviors and training. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
I asked the breeder about her, she's not for sale i was told, the breeder explained how she had just had her back as the woman she had sold her to couldn't handle her she was 6 months old, i asked what had happened and why she was not for sale, i was told at 8 weeks old when she had first been sold the woman had taken her home and the following day had locked her in the garden shed while she went on holiday for 2 weeks, ''who looked after the pup then'' i asked ''no one came the reply'' It turned out she had been left with just one bowl of food and a bowl of water to last her for 2 weeks.
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Walking a puppy on a leash is the very finest way to tire the puppy out, get some quality training in, create a great working relationship in which we are the leaders, and we get some exercise at the same time!

I noticed cuts under her neck i asked what had happened, the breeder told me she had sold her at 8 weeks with a puppy collar on and at 6 months when she came back she still had the same collar on and it had grown into her neck. And such was our life but little by little she got a year old i entered her into a dog show just for a bit of fun and 2 my shock and wonder she won best in novelty!!i was so proud of herso we did a few more and she started to win pedigree classes, and at 16 months she won her first best in show!!Then disaster struck, i was walking her through a park when out of no where a staffordshire bull terrier attacked her, i rushed her to the vet fearing for her life i had never seen so much blood.
3 weeks later i picked up my wonderful gsd, she was battered and bruised but she was a hero she walked out and got straight in to the car!!

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