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Your use of this site is deemed to be your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Use and Site Disclosures and our Privacy Policy. I am the proud owner of 3 Dudes who rarely no longer poop, pee, or otherwise soil themselves.  They wear underwear daily without incident and have been for ages. I take full credit for this (okay, the third one figured out the potty all by himself a couple weeks shy of his second birthday, but still, I count it as a mom win because, after all, I own the bathroom) success.
My youngest is now four and, within the last 3 months, he has even graduated to wiping himself with relative accuracy which means, I am largely obsolete.
But, all of this wisdom can be put to use to help all of you younguns get your Dudes trained up nicely.
I have tried bribes, books, videos, waiting, him wanting to go to school and swim lessons, charts, stickers and NOTHING!!
Well I have a girl and will be starting soon but I must say I dont think I will try a pull up-I have not heard one positive thing about them! It took forever at my house for me to back off and for JDaniel to decide he wanted to stop soiling briefs. Potty training at our house is like old furniture, you wish you could replace it, some day. Any quick google search on potty training will leave you believing that you can easily potty train your child in three days. One friend might proudly say her child is sleeping through the night because she only has to get up twice to feed him. Another might say that her son sleeps through the night because he sleeps soundly from Midnight until 5 am. The true definition of potty training is that your child is able to independently listen to their body. Do a quick internet search and find the 3-day method that looks right to you and give it a try. He was greatly on track right before his little sister was born then seemed like he back tracked severely.

I would also offer a prize for every time he successfully uses the potty, and when he doesn’t, maybe take 1 item away from him and put it in a box with the understanding that he can get it back when he does use the potty. Although it can be extremely difficult our best advice is to stay calm and relaxed about the situation. In her free time she enjoys losing weight easily, looking like a soap star the moment she rolls out of bed, and riding around town on her unicorn.
While your child may not be 100%, fully potty independent within 72 hours, he or she will most likely be well on their way to ditching the diapers forever. Follow the three steps below to receive all of the potty training support we have to offer. From the very basics to how to handle potty training regressions, poop problems and wiping, we’ve got answers to your questions. A step-by-step plan of action on when to start, supplies to buy, how to keep it silly, and handle set backs.
The whole process only takes about a week.CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit Just think of how much less vacuuming you will have to do with no litter being tracked around the house by kitty paws.
He knows where he should go, tells me even when i ask him but still he goes where eve, when ever! Put him back in diapers, put away the underwear, quit talking about it, wait a couple of months, and then see if you can convince him that it’s HIS idea to use the big boy potty. And as frustrating as it is, the best advice I got was to leave him alone and he will do it on his own eventually.
My second son we did the go naked thing and after one horrible day of messes he was potty trained. Have him clean up everything, scrub the carpet, mop the floor, take away the toy he was playing with, but don’t put him back in pull ups (of course you have go clean in up after better).
And, when he does go on the potty make a HUGE deal about it, every time – positive reinforcement can go a long ways. He hung out with Pop Pop, went to the potty with Pop Pop was constantly asking and taking him.

One of our girls actually potty trained herself because she was in a VBS group with kids a year older, and they all did it. And no hauling of those heavy bags, bottles, or boxes anymore!To order your CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit, click here. At this point it’s no longer potty training (he knows when and how to go) it is now a battle of wills.
My daughter (who is autistic and was 4 before she was trained) I told her that she would have to changer her own diapers (at 3) if she wouldn’t use the potty and she did a really good job of that. It’s a matter of will and I know it but I have a new baby and I can’t do it any longer! I will try the the tricks and will let you know my success story *optimistic* Thank you, mommies!
I bought lots of underwear with his fav charterers on them but still nothing… he will pee them and play in them like nothing bothers him…. Show him where you keep the clean underwear and when he has an accident let him feel the yuck. When she turned 4 I explained that the diapers didn’t fit anymore and that she now HAD to use the potty. Have him go pee every 20-30 minutes (you can make him sit backwards so he doesn’t pee everywhere) make him drink tons of water so he feels successful every time.
This teaches them accountability and they end up shaming themselves for what they have the power to prevent.
Chocolate bars, trips to the bouncy zone, even a talking Woody Doll after a week with no daytime accidents! My littlest turned 4 in September and like his friends at preschool he can load and play most Wii games, write his name, read small words, and sneak cookies from the pantry with great stealth!

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