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The longer, but still less complicated answer to how long does it take to recover from a PE depends on how your body heals.
I wasn’t prepared then for the answer to my first question, how long does it take to recover from a PE?
Not to be the bearer of bad news (although I do have a pessimistic nature to be honest), I think more patients need to be told this – and more doctors need to realize it. Length of treatment can vary from a few months to long-term over many years and is determined by factors your doctor should discuss with you.
In addition, patients who had a PE more likely have a PE as a recurrence and have a higher risk of dying from the recurrent clot, compared to patients who “only” had a DVT. A PE wreaks havoc on the body at the vascular level and creates micro-damage we can’t even always see – not to mention what we can and do see.
And while it may take you upwards of a year or more to start to feeling physically normal and participate in activities again, many people, including myself, are diagnosed with blood clotting conditions (such as antiphospholipid syndrome as in my case) which require lifelong monitoring and medication to try to prevent a recurrence of blood clots. You are more than welcome, Kathi and I think a lot of people feel or have felt the way you do at one time or another, including myself. I have heard of others experiencing pain in the toes and ankles so you are not alone in that!
Kathy, as I said…I went to my GO about 5 times in a few weeks separately to my schedule appointments, because I too felt like I needed answers for new symptoms popping up. As I lay here at 2am, 2 weeks post Pulmonary Infarction, I thank you for starting this blog. Thanks for posting- I thought I was losing my mind- my dr told me 6 months and I am at that point. To everyone out there with severe fatigue, I’m just curious how many have had a CBC test done to check your iron levels. Since the clots, I’ve had several iron infusions and will possibly need a blood transfusion after we do more labs on the 15th. What makes me most depressed is I have my oldest daughter and her husband graduating from University on April 8th. Ahhh, what a blessing it is to have found this site yesterday and to see so many who are struggling with the same things I have been for a year now, only I was never told that any of this would happen. I am so glad you are here and you are right, often times our friends and family and those closes to us do not realize what we are going through or how long of a recovery period this is. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Then make a list of each of item you’re going to paint and place a time next to it so you can schedule it (like my sample breakdown below).
Moving Furniture: When painting a ceiling, move furniture out of the way and cover it with drop cloths.
Walls: Cut in along ceiling, floor, windows, doorways and corners with a paint brush and then roll paint on.
Furniture: If you plan on painting the furniture in the room, do it while you wait for the ceiling or wall paint to dry to keep you moving towards the finish line.
Accessories: This is an affordable way to use up leftover paint and bring new life to old objects.
I have been sponsored by the Glidden® brand paint for PPG to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. The short answer is that it takes sunlight an average of 8 minutes and 20 seconds to travel from the Sun to the Earth. If the Sun suddenly disappeared from the Universe (not that this could actually happen, don't panic), it would take a little more than 8 minutes before you realized it was time to put on a sweater. But the story of light gets even more interesting, when you think about the journey light needs to make inside the Sun. What you probably don't know, is that these photons striking your eyeballs were ACTUALLY created tens of thousands of years ago and it took that long for them to be emitted by the sun.
There are galaxies millions of light-years away, which means the light we're seeing left the surface of those stars millions of years ago. If aliens lived in those galaxies, and had strong enough telescopes, they would see the Earth as it looked in the past.
The Earth's orbital behaviors are responsible for more than just presenting us with a leap year every four years. It looks like something is eating the Sun in recent pictures from the Solar Dynamics Observatory — and in recent SDO videos, the Sun suddenly disappears! During the Antarctic summer of 2013-2014, a team of researchers released a series of translucent scientific balloons, one by one.
The origin of many of the most precious elements on the periodic table, such as gold, silver and platinum, has perplexed scientists for more than six decades.
The geologic shape of what were once shorelines through Mars' northern plains convinces scientists that two large meteorites - hitting the planet millions of years apart - triggered a pair of mega-tsunamis. I imagine there are a few fourth graders that read, and here in eastern Kentucky, I know a lot of adults that could use a "4th grade science lesson". Please tell him, but not the answer that light wave could propagate by itself, because it is wrong!
The answer - at present - is: we don't know (which is one of the most exciting states to be in in science).
Ducklet: The time would be the same, since both Metric and Imperial systems use the same time units. Another evidence for superluminal propagation of gravitational waves comes from Konstantin Meyl and Eric Dollard's experiments with scalar waves (which are equivalent to gravitational waves in AWT) and the superluminal interactions during quantum entanglement (which is mediated with gravitational waves too).
Well only antialias_physorg and vlaaing peerd, attempted to answer my questions, THANK YOU. Ask kids if they need time or distance to perform addition or subtraction.How can you perform any measurement without adding or subtracting? But at the moment, when such experiment violates the (postulates) general relativity by its very definition, then it has no meaning to ask, The meaning is just "how fast does gravity travel". The speed of gravity in general relativity is the speed of space-time curvature propagation with respect to space-time curvature - i.e. The value of "c" was first a PREDICTION, which has been subsequently become an experimental OBSERVATION Your view of contemporary physics is heavily deformed with propaganda of contemporary educational system. The unlucky part is that no matter how much you try to wish it to grow your eyebrows quickly, you will not be able to make it thicker in the blink of an eye. If you are a pre-teenager, your eyebrow hairs will normally grow again between 58 to 65 days. The mode of shaping your eyebrows by removing some of its hairs also affect the time the hair will go back. In the rarest cases, however, some people may actually have to wait for a full year so that their eyebrows will return back to its natural shape again.
Making your eyebrows grow thicker naturally may need a little bit of patience on your part considering that it doesn’t grow overnight. Most of us are fond of waxing and plucking because we want to make our eyebrows look neat and great for our face.
Try to exfoliate your skin on the area of the eyebrows, as this can help the hair growth much faster. Who says that a good and well-balanced diet is only intended for those people who want to have a sexy body? Since castor oil has lesser concentration compared to other oils, it works great for your eyebrows. When it comes to the question how to get thicker eyebrows, a tip on hot oil treatment certainly can’t be missed. You must have heard that milk is great for your skin but did you know that it is beneficial for your eyebrows too? Apply the mixture before going to bed every night using cotton balls and you will see the results in a short time. Since eyebrow hairs are made up of keratin, a type of protein, eggs are beneficial for hair growth as they are a good source of protein. With the use of Aloe Vera on eyebrows, you can promote growth and healing at the same time. Since many are keen when it comes to making their eyebrows grow faster, many companies have developed and discovered certain products to help you grow it.
This is one of the cheapest yet proven effective ways to grow your eyebrow hairs at just $40. Once you are able to grow your eyebrow hairs, make sure that you take care of it well and if you really want to have it shaped through plucking, waxing and other means, make sure that you limit it from time to time but you must ensure that you do it with a professional’s help. Most individuals that I have talked to about recovery from a pulmonary embolism want to know, how long they can expect to be healing. The clot broke free from my calf, right behind the knee, traveled through my heart and lodged into my left lung.
If he or she does not discuss length of treatment with you or to your satisfaction, ask for clarification until you receive a satisfactory answer!

In my case, my clot traveled through my veins, right lung and heart before lodging in the lobe of my lower left lung – that creates a lot of potential for damage to arterial pathways that just take time to heal. While I consider myself far into recovery after a year or more, I will always have the possibility of another clot and the lifelong treatments that come with that. I also turned online for most of the information – there just is nowhere else to turn it feels like, especially if you want to connect with others.
He was actually so wonderful and said that anxiety is definitely a part of the recovery process and as I start to improve, it will ease. I’m asthmatic I woke up on April 10th could not breathe thought it was a asthma attack . I’m 25 years old and laying in a hospital bed after finally being diagnosed with PE after 8 months of searching for an answer to my breathing problems. I still struggle to function on eight hours of sleep and it has been two years since my PE. Mine have been non existent since my horrifying experience with both lungs full of PE’s.
My pulmo has agreed that will be an acceptable time frame to stop the Xarelto for 24 hours for the procedure.
This Friday, I am in tears and beyond depressed I won’t be able to attend as its 1,500 miles away from where I live. Every time someone shares some bit of information on this site, I hope it can help someone else. I find everything that everyone has shared helpful and a reminder that I need to be patient as the journey travels. So with all of this hands-on experience, I can easily answer the question: How long does it take to paint a bedroom? If you’re just painting the walls, simply push the furnishings to the center of the room and place drop cloths on the floor. If painting window sashes, add 30 minutes for each window to move them as you paint to avoid sealing the window shut when it dries. Washing brushes, rollers and the paint tray along with folding up drop cloths takes 30 minutes to an hour. By simply waving a brush or roller over a surface you can transform it, so it’s worth the time and effort required. Remember, the Earth follows an elliptical orbit around the Sun, ranging from 147 million to 152 million km.
They start off as gamma radiation and then are emitted and absorbed countless times in the Sun's radiative zone, wandering around inside the massive star before they finally reach the surface. And whole star clusters are often formed at the same time a€“ and within a comparatively short period. But how is it possible for a free body to orbit around another moving body (sun is a moving body) in geometrically closed path? Assuming the speed of Gravity is the same as light, then we would remain in orbit around the sun, for the exact same time as it took the light (or lack of light) to reach us.The Earth would fly off on a tangent.
In particular, I don't believe, that something like the aether actually exists - just the random Universe appears like the nested density fluctuations of particle gas for us, because it's the minimalistic deterministic approximation of observable physical reality. The LeSage gravity theory and holographic model of Universe do require the superluminal propagation of gravitational waves to work. The rest of the post are just more AWT BS.Strange really as I thought I was asking valid science questions that are related to the actual physorg article.Does Big Al (Einstein) have anything to say about the elasticity of space? Come on Natello, it's a thought experiment, we all know stars don't suddenly go off to the hookers. The constant speed is a postulate in relativity, i.e The speed of light is experimental constant only and it always was.
It not only occupies some space on your pretty face but rather, it is also there to help enhance the quality of your eyes and your over-all appearance in the process.
If you really wanted to make your eyebrows grow, you might be asking this question — How long does it take for eyebrows to go back? It takes about 2 months for eyebrow hairs to re-grow while it takes 5 to 6 months for head hair to re-grow. For example, if you are fond of plucking and threading your eyebrows, it will grow back within 56 days or approximately 2 months.
Are you patient enough to wait for your eyebrow to go back or you just simply want to do something to ensure that you no longer wait for the time that it will eventually grow? It also requires proper care and the right ways to ensure that your eyebrows will grow beautifully and faster. However, when we do shape our eyebrows through constant plucking and waxing, it can damage our hair follicles which might prevent our eyebrow hairs to grow back.
Exfoliation removes all the dead skin cells and promotes circulation in the particular area. You may purchase a ready-to-use scrub in the market or you can create your own sugar scrub. Well, eating a proper healthy diet will also actually make wonders for your eyebrows growth.
Massaging the part on your eyebrows also promotes blood circulation which ensures that the new hair growth will be healthy.
Usually, people use coconut oil to help treat their head hair and to make it grow shinier, healthier and faster.
With its sulfuric properties, it helps in collagen tissue production that is required for eyebrows growth and it also strengthens your hair follicles. Just make sure that the juice you use to apply on your eyebrows comes from fresh crushed aloe leaves. If you are not familiar with a brow serum, then know that it is a product used to stimulate the growth of hair at the follicle level using peptides.
Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum costs only $45 and contains botanical extracts as well as essential vitamins in addition to peptides. Only the body can dissolve a blood clot and in some cases, the blood clot does not dissolve and will not dissolve. Even 14 months out from my hospitalization, I still have days where extreme fatigue, anxiety, pain, depression and listlessness consume me to the point of interfering with normal life. For me personally, a PE was not just something I got, healed from and now I can go about my life without having to worry about it on a daily basis, although that is the case for some patients.
Be sure to discuss recovery and possible setbacks with your doctor in order to be prepared to face what can be a long and seemingly overwhelming prognosis. I hear all too often that people’s symptoms, not to mention feelings, are dismissed and that is very heartbreaking. I could never imagine myself walking onto a hospital floor and talking to other patients about a PE, but I can talk to other survivors online all day about our experiences. I think time does play a roll in how we feel and recover, but I also think it is not easily dismissed after all that we have been through. I was also in the cardiac ICU for quite some time and was told similar things by my doctors – I was lucky to be alive. So many people are not fortunate to find a doctor who supports them or recognizes their concerns, as I am sure you have read. Took a two hour flight last week and I swear I am getting my initial symptoms before I went into crisis two years ago. It’s helpful to hear from other people who have experienced this before to understand what to expect and to read their stories and be able to relate to them! I also struggle with Thyroid issues (I have had them all my life, even before my PE) and I often wonder how much my thyroid condition (being autoimmune) has played into my DVT and PE. Since most surfaces need two coats, you have to account for drying time (which I use as a bonus). And once you know how long the painting process takes, you might surprise yourself and enjoy watching what’s old become fresh and new. Now extrapolate this to the other planets, and each planet would fly off on a tangent at different times, with Mercury first, then Venus, etc etc.But DOES gravity travel at the speed of light? Do you entirely believe in the existence of AWT or is it just a way of visualizing aspects of physics for you At the water surface it's quite normal, that the massive events (like the underwater explosions) manifest itself before the surface waves bring another evidence.
IMO universe is completely random stuff, we are just sampling portion of this randomness in form of space-time curvatures, which do APPEAR like the particle gas. After all, the constant speed of light in special relativity is constrained to flat uniform space-time only, so that it's evident, the curved space-time of general relativity would violate the special relativity too. Not sure about the thought experiment but something similar must have crossed his mind.It's how you would define elasticity, it's not like bent space-time shoots off stars and planets like a reverse bungee chord.
Neiter do we have lightspeed trains or semi-dead cats, never stopped the great scientists from using them as a metaphor.Einstein was actually one that favoured thought experiments and it's often said his GR and SRT were triggered by his fascination about how it would be like to ride a beam of light.
Do you opt to do few things to ensure that your eyebrows will become better and you aim to assist it while it’s continuously growing?
We have listed certain tips that have worked for almost all people and since these are simple, they are 100% harmless to try.
Massage castor oil on your eyebrows for a minimum of 3 minutes and leave it for 30 minutes.

If you apply the mixture of coconut and lemon on your eyebrows, you can see the results within a short time (though you need to stop application if irritation occurs). However, the effects of the different brands of serum in the market may differ from one another. This is most recommended to those who are already losing hairs but it might take months for you to see the result. As the blood thins (for example when on a blood thinner) and travels throughout the veins, it actually hits the clot and can eventually break away enough to flow by it in some cases.
I imagine this is all still a part of recovery and I may eventually have to take steps to learn to manage these feelings in my everyday life. From my experience, the things you mention feeling 6 months down the line are very normal – I felt them too, and still do at times! I think it is okay to go online as long as you follow-up with a medical professional about specific concerns, especially if it might be negatively effecting you. Recovery takes a long time and is slow, especially in the beginning, but things do get better slowly and over time. The flight may have elevated your risk so if you have symptoms of a PE, make sure you get to the ER for help.
I went for a follow up to the pulmonary specialist (whom I will never go to again, very incompetent, but that another story) well he took me off the lovenex injections and put me on Xarelto, he also gave me a Zpac for the fluid in my lungs.
I can’t wait to be discharged and begin treatment at home so I can start exercising again.
Chest pain extremely tired, feels like I have ice in my veins, I have always been a warm person.
I completely understand what you are going through right now, and I am sorry you did not get more information from your doctors.
Your body has been through a very traumatic experience and sleeping is one of the best ways for it to heal. My doctor and friends mentioned Government funded rehabilitation fitness building programs. As soon as I finish rolling on one coat on the walls, I move to prep and paint a piece of furniture. Photons emitted from the surface of the Sun need to travel across the vacuum of space to reach our eyes.
And so, if the light from the nearest star (Alpha Centauri) takes more than 4 years to reach us, we're seeing that star 4 years in the past. Last year, after being found growing my chemotherapy relief medication in Louisville, I was sent to the Muhlenberg Co.
The Boltzmann gas is just one of many ways, how to model the observable portion of this randomness. Nevertheless it is predicted that a sudden dissapearance of the sun would create gravity waves instead of leaving space time neat and flat.
You are very keen and meticulous in the shape you want them to have and try as much as possible to maintain that neat formation. Today must be your lucky day considering that we will tackle the answer to that question, and what is more is that we will help you develop the perfect way on how to make your eyebrows grow with some natural tips. It ensures that you get the right level of vitamins and minerals that you need to achieve both healthy hair and skin. The extent of the damage to your body and other organs, underlying health issues, additional diagnosis and potential or discovered clotting disorders can all factor in to answer how long does it take to recover from a PE? The body can also accommodate for the damaged area by creating scar tissue and rerouting blood flow through or around the clot.
The emotional and psychological effects of a PE are all-too real, all-too debilitating and all-too ignored. You are not alone, just remember that and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. I was brushing my teeth and out of nowhere I was overwhelmed by severe shortness of breath and feeling like I was going to die. I was scared I was going to loss him and still scared and think why did they send him home so soon if he is in danger if something would happen it would be better for him if he was still at the hospital they would be able to do something at home I would not be able to do much but call 911 then wait for them.
I am still coughing up the blood (less mucous now) but I get very light headed every time I cough and it scares me. I am still receiving care for my thyroid although it did not get the care it should have when my PE first happened because everyone was more concerned about that. Now let us try a more difficult question in which the teacher could not answer; how the light waves could propagate though empty space with a constant speed?
Isn't gravity caused by the amount of mass, regardless of what type of matter it is?Do you entirely believe in the existence of AWT or is it just a way of visualising aspects of physics for you?
So at the moment, when we can observe the CMBR noise in vacuum, I've no reason for to doubt the concept of superluminal gravity waves: one aspect of observable reality explains the another one. The nutrients that you need for hair growth are vitamin B, iron, protein, zinc and Omega 3. Unlike with castor oil, you need to apply coconut oil in your eyebrows at night before going to bed. But if you want to try it out, you may consider using an eyelash serum since they also contain the same ingredients as the brow serum.
While a blood clot may no longer be at risk for breaking off and causing additional damage once turned to scar tissue, it is still there and is important to note when speaking of recovery.
I have made an appointment with the specialist who saw me in the hospital but it’s not for 10 days! So weather you are in shape are not your recovery is personal and depends on where how many how big your PE is. I finally went to the ER when I couldn’t inhale or exhale even the smallest bit of air, without excruciating pain. Planning ahead allows you to work continuously to get every part of the room painted in less time.
So if the mass instantly dissappears, then is the restoration of spacetime, or elasticity of space, limited to light speed, instant or somewhere between?? I could recommend watching some documentaries about Einstein and space time, particularly the BBC ones are qualitative and abundantly available on youtube. As a result, the numerical value of c in metres per second is now fixed exactly by the definition of the metre. Chances are that you have shaped your eyebrows into something really unappealing that makes you feel horrid and terrible. However, it is important to note that you need to stop such method if any irritation or allergic reactions occur to prevent further damage.
The loneliness is unbearable at times and one of the reasons I started this site to bring us together into a community that cares! It’s important to walk out feeling calm and empowered with new found knowledge or even just being understood. There are some really helpful individuals there who can help share what they have been through.
I am a former dancer and Pilates instructor but feel I need specific info on rehab for when the lungs aren’t functioning as they should. It's the number which is PREDICTED by certain equations.It was discovered to a be a number which fell OUT of certain equations, every time those equations were applied. When such cases happen, you wish right then and there that you want to re-grow your eyebrows as soon as possible back to its original appearance prior to the hideous shaping. I was told since I was in previous excellent health (Ballet Dancer) and fit, non smoker, have no risk factors, that I’ll be fine very soon. It’s as if I need to reset my thinking in terms of exercise and how I would approach strength and fitness building. IF it does, and it is equal to light speed, then does maxwells equations also describe spacetime itself since they predict the speed of light so well? Also, you will be curious in knowing how to make eyebrows grow, how long does it take for eyebrows to grow back?
When my DVT didn’t completely dissolve, I wasn’t left screaming or in tears wondering, “What do you mean?! I just feel like none of the doctors think this is a big deal, I mean they sent me home without telling me anything.
As you may have seen my post down further, since being on Warfarin, I have had periods straight from where the sun don’t shine that lasts from 2-4 weeks. At the end of my treatments, I had never felt as good as I felt then, but it only lasted a few weeks.

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