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In order to reduce the quantity of stinky spots on your floor and excite your pet to find out how to control his physiological mechanisms you will have to make a small living area designed just for your pet. This entry was posted in How to Potty Train Your Dog and tagged How to Potty Train Your Dog on July 27, 2011 by Flores. The simplest way to do that is to buy a crate but when you can not afford it then make use of a baby gate.

Well, it’s an individual thing for every dog and varies in line with his breed, age and history. Each time your child successfully uses the toilet or potty you can mark the potty training chart with a sticker or marker.
Because dogs are naturally clean animals your four-legged friend will resist from soiling his new house and hold it till you allow him to be outside.

However, should you implement the guidelines stated earlier you are able to significantly accelerate the housebreaking process.

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