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There are various styles of ballet including classical, contemporary, and neoclassical, as well as the different techniques including French, Italian and Russian. If you want to wait until a child can go on his or her own to ballet lessons, then you will probably have to wait until he or she is about four. Ballet classes that focus more on technique than fun usually require the child to exhibit a certain level of maturity. In reality, most children will never get that far in ballet, but early exposure to fun courses can make them lifelong lovers of dance.
Only a few children benefit from this type of teaching, which can cause loss in self-esteem and excessive concern about body weight. Parents should investigate several ballet schools as well as introductory classes offered through city park and recreation centers. Something that alarmed me when reading the comments is the lack of training before students were put en pointe. This article does not mention how dangerous it is to go on pointe at an early age (it should not be done before about twelve years of age), nor the dangers of forcing turnout. Also to all those who think because they do gymnastics they'll be good at ballet- they're completely different! I might not have an way of getting to class and they don't like me walking home at night (it only ends at 6:00).
Okay for all you people wanting to take ballet: I am 13 years old and I have been taking ballet for 10 years.
I recommend the people who are 16 to practice at home before starting ballet in classes because in ballet the teachers will literally make you cry if you aren't skinny or good enough.
But remember only 2 percent of the world's population is born with that type of body: Long neck, small head, long arms (elbow passing the top of your head), short torso, long legs, very thin, high arched foot, hyperextended knees. The Michelle Obama is a man video which can be found on Youtube is claiming that Michelle Obama is a man. He or she should be able to take directions, pay attention, listen, and take mild criticism.
Recreational students should have at least three years of three 90 minute classes a week before going en pointe.

I can't do the splits naturally (couldn't as a child, either) but I try to stretch every day and my splits have improved.
Since I was 9, I have wanted to start ballet (but I had a lot of issues in the past so I couldn't) and since then I have read tonnes and tonnes of books. Truth is that 80 percent of the ballet dancers will never make it to prima or get a second dancing place on stage.
I got pointe shoes three months after I started and I got into a really good ballet school two months later.
I have been stretching every single day to get my splits and i am so close with the front splits. I would like to start at a lower level to help me catch up maybe grade 2 and 1 or 3, and then a private class, but mum probably won't let me.
So if I want to do ballet, that means getting a job, balancing 4 ap classes senior year (hoping senioritis won't kick in) and finding transportation to the dance school. Work with it, and if you really want to dance it that bad, and you really have the passion it shouldn't matter how old you are. I know pretty much all of the basics and grade 1 positions and every two months I buy myself ballet shoes. I want to be professional one day, but I live in South Africa, so is it possible to become a professional? I only started pointe when I was 12, and if you want to do it properly, you need to learn the basics first. I think I have a pretty good body for ballet long neck, long legs, hyperextended knees, a pretty good arch on my feet and I am quite skinny. Also, your foot has to have a nice arch, and if you stay on pointe you really have to stand on it fully. Girls at your age are already training with ballet companies, so if you start now you won't be good enough by the age of 20. But if it is, I am 4ft 10 and most of my friends are tall -- about 5ft 2 -- but three of them started ballet and they are much taller than I am, so it might not be true. I know this may sound crazy, but I would love to become a professional before the age of 30.

I really want to be able to dance but my parents want me to do soccer and swimming both of which I hate.
Do you think I will make it as a professional if my parents let me do a couple of classes a week?
I don't really want to be a professional but I want to be able to get on pointe before I turn 20, and be good at it too, and am I being horribly unrealistic? She let me do pointe again when I was 15 and within half a year I was able to do pirouettes and a whole routine on pointe. I have a school picked out and my friends go there and you get all your clothing half price if you attend so we could afford it.
Maybe go for a few tester weeks or activity lessons and most leisure centres have them in half terms. Mommy was doing ballet on tv when she was only 11 years old!So for all you ballerinas out there, 'dance' your dreams but remember: dance for god, because he's the one who gave you your talent! In my school it is tough to get in and I even have a person who is 35 and started ballet when she was 15.
But we're having money issues at the moment and my mum doesn't have a job, and is a single parent. In many countries you become an apprentice at 16 and get a contract six months later, if lucky. Only once you have mastered the skills of ballet then will you be welcomed to the world of pointe. My mom's a Russian ballerina and she pushes me every day to work my tail off to perfection. It is only a hundred Singapore dollars and it is kind of cheap, so actually I would love to start taking it again.Can you give me some advice on how to learn ballet again and is it okay to start now and immediately start grade 4? I can touch my toes and put my head on my knee when i sit on the floor etc., and really want to join a class and quickly!Please reply if you can.

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