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What to do?This On the Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair is the answer for when there isn?t a bathroom in sight. It is a very portable potty chair with foldable legs so that you can set it up easily set it up. We also carry a large empty coffee can to put the used trash sacks in to seal off the smell until we can find a trash can.

Liners are expensive because H&S but I created a way go develop my own liners, I got white bags, same size as liners and add a feminine pad at the end, it works great!
It is really useful when you begin the potty training process because you always have a potty chair wherever you are.
I just found small trash bags and those are working okay for us! A must-have if you have a toddler (Sep 27, 2011) Reviewer: Janet We bought several of these for our 3-year-old granddaughter.

The only problem I have encountered is finding the replacement liners when I need them at the local r store. LOVE THIS!!!

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