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We had been looking at houses on the market for nearly two years, pretending that we were really serious about finding a new home, but we would always find an excuse about something we didn't like about each prospective home. In the summer of 2012 with dirt cheap mortgage interest rates in place due to the slumping economy, we felt we should at least put a bid on a house. We went through the bid process and got that squared away, and then there were all of the other things that happen in between that involve inspections and shuffling and signing of paperwork and titles and attorneys. In the meantime while waiting for all of this behind the scenes stuff to take place, we should have been packing. Toward the end of August, we hit the date when we were required to sit down at an executive table with lots of glasses and pitchers of water and other persons and sign and initial a gazillion different papers.

The next morning, before I left for work, our potential renter stopped by to look at the house. We had a total of six days to get moved out while also getting our rental house ready for our renter. It's amazing how people react when thrown into situations where they have to make quick decisions about how to proceed with a task.
However, the secretary at the sanitation department with the City of College Station probably thinks I'm a little crazy. Time slowed, and we were able to settle into our new home at our own pace, slowly, one day at a time.

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