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School is back in session across the nation and today we are sharing a few ways parents can help ADHD child do well in school.
Many parents have also found that their ADHD child has food sensitivities and elimination diets have shown benefits.  If you feel this might be the case discuss this with a dietician or your child’s doctor. We know it can sometimes feel exhausting as you listen to the superhighway of thoughts and feelings running through their supercharged brains, however, taking that time to be engaged will foster self-worth and allow you to better understand your child and promotes a better parent-child relationship.  Use these communication tools when your children are young and it will benefit you and them as they are teenagers. Here’s to a successful and positive new school year!  Please feel free to contact Sherry at 301-515-1321 to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you are new to the blog, take a moment to learn more about Sherry and her expertise in helping children, adults and families with ADHD.
It’s also very important that parents of these children take part in self-care because it can be exhausting if your child is having behavior problems resulting from this condition. Many times these children are highly intelligent, which makes it even more frustrating for parents. I hope this article helps you see that you are the best teacher, coach, and advocate for your child.
If your child has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), he or she is not alone.
Learn as much as possible about how ADHD affects your child, and how you can troubleshoot and structure situations to make life easier for your kid.
Try to patiently explain instructions to your child in simple and direct terms, and break tasks down into specific steps. Because kids with ADHD are prone to losing things, you can help your child stay organized by designating places for his or her clothes, shoes, school stuff, toys, and so on.
Too many options can overwhelm children with ADHD, so present your child with only two options when it comes to things like getting dressed, choosing snacks, or picking out a movie, storybook, or game.
Children with ADHD tend to have an impulsive nature and have difficulty developing social skills, so they need to be watched more closely than other kids their age. From our SponsorsEveryday Solutions are created by Everyday Health on behalf of our sponsors. They need physical stimulus and activity regularly.  Unfortunately, one thing many schools are cutting back on is recess time and physical education classes. First, let me be clear a poor diet does not cause ADHD and therefore, there is no Diet to Cure ADHD as some claim.   However,  science, years of experience as an ADHD expert and parenting ADHD children has shown us that proper nutrition helps individuals with ADHD function better on a daily basis.
Make plans that include your child, so they feel empowered and a part of the situation.  Even a small amount of advanced planning and discussion can often prevent a meltdown that takes much longer to resolve. Taking the time to speak, with eye contact and listen to your child is very important.  Validate their thoughts and feelings by actively listening and responding to what they have to say. Goals for 2015 Taking Care of Mom - Part Two Taking care of Mom: Learning to Nurture & Care for Yourself (Part One) 8 Springtime Mood Boosters after a LONG WINTER! The National Institute of Mental Health reports that in a classroom of 25 to 30 schoolchildren, at least one is likely to have the disorder.
So wake your child at the same hour every morning, keep meal and play times consistent, and allow time for getting ready for school in the morning and going to bed at night.
You may also consider limiting playmates to one or two children at a time, because a child with ADHD is likely to become overstimulated when playing with more than just a couple of friends. So do your best to limit any kind of distraction that could disrupt homework or study time.
For instance, connect boring facts to interesting trivia, invent funny stories that make details easier to remember, make up silly songs, act out historical events, and supplement homework with relevant movies, stories, or trips to museums.

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Follow-up, talk about what is working and address areas that need improvement and share resources that you have found helpful. Rewards do not need to be costly, however, can be simple things such as a special outing to the park or an extra 30 minute “Pass” for bedtime.
However, I have seen some students really struggle with medication, so I believe in the least amount of medication as possible, and encourage parents to try as many all-natural remedies as possible. If you have a rough year with a particular teacher, try not to express too much of that in front of your child.
If your school has a guidance counselor they can often be a resource to help your child think through tasks and learn to organize their thoughts, desk, and assignments. I know many parents of my ADD students have commented that their child has had trouble sleeping.
Keep a large calendar in the house (I prefer dry erase) that shows schedules, due dates, and appointments. This is basically a microphone system where children where children wear an earpiece and the teacher’s voice is amplified. This is why both Brandt and her colleague Cheryl Seymour, MD, recommend having your child formally tested and assessed by pediatric specialists if ADHD is suspected.
Account for homework, chores, TV time, and computer or gaming activities when developing this routine. You can also organize schoolwork with accordion folders, binders, or color coding for each subject. For example, turn off the television, remove toys and games from your child's study area, and keep the workspace tidy.
Honing a child's natural talents can boost his or her confidence and help him or her develop valuable social skills.
Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day. Ned Hallowell has said, “If you don’t eat properly, you can become distracted, impulsive and restless. Schedule a meeting with the principal or guidance counselor if you have to and express your concerns and ask which teacher you feel will be better for your child.
However, I do know that many parents complain that the medications make their child lose weight and not want to eat as much. Remind your child daily about upcoming assignments and help them chunk assignments into manageable daily tasks. I realize that video games can help keep them calm at home (and quiet), they will do better socially and hopefully have less sleeping issues if tech time is limited. They also encourage you to work with trained professionals to learn strategies and skills for helping your child overcome the difficulties associated with the disorder. You can also take up a hobby, practice relaxation techniques, meditate, or even work out – exercise is a great stress reliever. Make sure your son or daughter is aware of any additional weekly events that will disrupt the schedule. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a particularly organized person, do your best to maintain organization in your home to set a positive example for your child. If trouble starts — for instance, your daughter grabs toys from her sibling — the NIMH suggests giving your child a short time-out in a quiet place to calm her down.

For example, fight the urge to discipline your child constantly, and save stronger punishments for truly abominable behavior.
Communicate with teachers about special needs, and work with them to optimize your child's educational experience. John Ratey explains “Exercise is like medication…  Exercise turns on the attention system, the so-called executive functions — sequencing, working memory, prioritizing, inhibiting, and sustaining attention. You can look like you have ADD even if you don’t!”  Proper nutrition helps you function better and if you are already having problems focusing, your diet becomes even more important. While the majority are not miserable and many love children, chances are you might encounter at least one teacher like that within your child’s thirteen years of school. There have been situations where I have had to tell teachers that even though a student is struggling or isn’t making as much desired progress, they are still growing and have multiple years to learn and grow. Remember that not all teachers are super organized or structured, so if you have some say in picking your child’s teacher, try to keep these qualities in mind. You need to try to keep the teacher on your side as much as possible, and even if you get the teacher from the Black Lagoon, try to stay positive in front of your little one. Make sure to talk to your child’s pediatrician for tips on how to get your child to maintain a healthy appetite.
For example if they have a book report due in two weeks, help them break down chapter readings and enough time to write the assignment.
For example, if you've asked your son to go to his room, pick up his toys, and put them away, make it clear that this is not an opportunity to play with the toys. For instance, if team sports are too competitive, encourage your child to try something that's more individually focused, like swimming or karate. Avoid yelling, spanking, or losing your temper — it's better to remove your child firmly from a disruptive situation and give him or her a time-out. Finally, help your child develop social skills and healthy relationships with peers and adults.
Develop a signal system to help them know when something is socially wrong and then talk about it in private. If learning to play an instrument frustrates your child, singing, dancing, or one of the visual arts might be a better choice. ADHD may make life challenging for you and your child — and the rest of your family — but with the right combination of love, care, attention, and perseverance, you'll make progress together. You can provide intrinsic rewards such as time with a pet, extra video game time, or other rewards. Emphasizing good behavior and rewarding the completion of simple tasks have been shown to help modify the behavior of children with ADHD. My point is that you need to go into school meetings knowing that no one is perfect, and no matter where you, your child, or the teacher are in life, you need to stay as positive as possible this year for your child.
Again, you are their advocate, so only you know the best way to help your child through a tough year.

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