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Derived from the Latin, compassion technically means “to suffer with,” but compassion goes far beyond suffering.
Compassion in action can be as simple as standing up to let someone else have your seat on the bus or allowing another car into your lane in traffic. Further, compassion offers both short- and long-term benefits; scientific studies have shown that compassionate people produce more of a hormone that can slow down the aging process and less of a stress hormone that can speed the process up. 5)    While compassion in action is particularly powerful, don’t be afraid to talk about it and define it with your kids. In a recent study at Harvard Business School, social researcher Michael Norton gave undergraduates money to spend on themselves or on others. Combining empathy, sympathy, care and concern, compassion involves feeling for another person and a willingness to express or share that virtue.
It can be donating holiday gifts to a local family in need, writing a hand-written letter or card to let someone know that you’re thinking of them, or talking to a friend about a struggle that he or she is having.

When you wake up each morning, simply hold the word or the idea of compassion in your mind for a few minutes, determining how you can offer a little more compassion during that particular day.
Pay for a stranger’s coffee, leave a thoughtful, anonymous note for someone who could use a boost, smile more, say “thank you” a lot. Set aside five minutes to find a comfortable, quiet space, close your eyes and sit up tall.
Interestingly, the ones who spent money on others – who gave money away – were happier than those who kept the money for themselves. Compassion involves looking beyond one’s own life and plight and seeing into another’s eyes, circumstances and soul. Likewise, compassion is integral to the global values of love, peace, integrity, respect and responsibility, all human values that provide evidence of caring, of noticing, of a willingness to reach out and make a difference, regardless of any perceived differences. If you are a parent or caregiver, a leader in your community or simply a concerned citizen or friend, you can make yourself a paragon of compassion.

Recognize that others are going through the same things you are – maybe not at the same time or in the same way, but everyone wants to feel safe, happy, secure and loved. Indeed, compassion in action can have incredibly powerful internal and external applications and effects.
Give, care, contribute – you’ll make your world better and contribute to more global happiness.

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