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Earlier in the week Within Reach Learning Center posted some math tips for helping make math part of your everyday life.
My first child was an amazingly fast learner and was reading chapter books by the age of 4! When it came to teaching my youngest to read, it was so hard to keep my perspective and not blame myself for her slow start. I want to share my methods with you in hopes that you can save yourself mental anguish, self-loathing, and that “I must be a horrible mother” bologna! I am teaching my son to read right now and I love the idea of labeling everything so he can associate the word with the item. Children will generally need time to understand what is being taught so let them take their time. It is important that you teach them to write along with reading as this will speed up their learning process.
Provide the kids with simple language books so that they can understand them with ease and can build up their vocabulary over a period of time.
Reading is one of the most important skills we can learn, plus ita€™s also enjoyable and is a great form of relaxation for all ages.
It would have been helpful if you had referenced the studies explaining how early unborn babies begin to learn. There are lots of battery operated and technological toys which can encourage their learning of speech (e.g. You should seek independent professional advice before acting upon any information on the EarlyChildhoodEducation website.
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However, this is an endeavour that takes time and should not be rushed as it can put undue pressure on a child’s mind.

The child can learn an alphabet or two at a given point in time, and you will need to rehearse those later as well. You will need to repeat the same things more than once - be patient, and do not proceed with something new unless they have understood everything you have taught them so far. As a parent, you can play a valuable role in your childa€™s early education by helping them learn how to read.Getting your children interested in books and reading from an early age will give them a good head start. They can be soft and squishy, or chunky and hard, but in all cases are usually durable, so they can withstand the demands of a young baby.
She still has some room for improvement that will come with our diligent pursuit of good reading skills. I think we put undue pressure on our children because of our own insecurities, caring too much about what others think, and comparing their progress to other children. Be consistent, steady, light, and diligent; and before you know it, you will have an avid reader in your midst! Also pay special attention to ensuring that the child understands the sounds and learns them at the same time. Not only is it good from an educational point of view, but studies have shown that children who are familiar with books and have basic reading skills before they start school are better at coping with the demands of literacy teaching when they go to school. While she loves to read, learning does not come as easy for her, and reading had a bit of a slow start.
They will save you a ton of stress, and will make learning to read far less frustrating for your child.
There are mini books designed to be clipped onto the side of the pram, cot or highchair, so they can be explored at any time.
It brings mum, dad and children together, ita€™s interactive, fun and highly enjoyable.Getting Babies And Toddlers Interested In BooksIta€™s never too early to get children interested in books and babies and toddlers are prime candidates for books. Books for babies focus primarily on visual elements, although do have the odd words included too (e.g.
I do not mean to become a reading drill sergeant and make your child hate reading, I mean create an atmosphere and lifestyle of reading. There are some great books in existence aimed at babies and these serve as a good first introduction to the art of reading.

For instance, write out: wall, chair, bookcase, book, stove, door, window, and so on and so on and so on. Spend time reading to them every day, and having them review sight words–keeping it fun and light. We have a huge library of books, (at least 80) but I might just pull out the good ol’ Dr. Books for babies are typically packed full of vibrant, colourful pictures and they often have added a€?touch and feela€™ elements, such as different textures to feel or noises to listen to. Books for toddlers gradually introduce more words and theya€™re often designed to be read aloud by parents, for example by including lots of rhyming text or stories that can be acted out by the reader. Like books for babies, they make use of plenty of colour and often have lots going on in the pictures, so toddlers can be encouraged to study the illustrations.Interactive ReadingAs well as making sure your children are aware of books and have easy access to them at home, one of the best things you can do is to incorporate reading into your daily schedule. Toddlers and small children love to be read to and you can make the experience fun for everyone by using silly voices and accents and getting into the spirit of the story.
Rather than simply placidly reading the stories to your toddler, make sure that they get to see the pictures and illustrations too. Many of the pictures in books can be just as stimulating for a childa€™s imagination as the story itself. If you dona€™t have spare money in your budget to buy many books, then make the most of your local library, by enrolling your children. Youa€™ll be able to borrow books regularly for them, which helps introduce them to a much wider range of reading material. No doubt theya€™ll develop favourites too and youa€™ll be encouraged to read the story over and over again (and perhaps get fed up with it!).
Once your child is familiar with books and with having you reading them to them, they will hopefully be encouraged enough to actively learn to read by themselves.
As a parent, you can set a good example by being positive about books, by being seen to be reading lots yourself and by bestowing the long-term benefits of reading to your child.

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