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Whenever I get together with other families with young children, almost invariably, there will be one or two parents who struggle with their child’s sleep.
Of course just because this method worked for me doesn’t mean that it will work for everyone.
What ultimately did it for us was that we believed and desperately needed a good nights sleep. As parents of young children it’s hard to tell sometimes how much sleep your child needs. With children, going natural, like breast-feeding rather than bottle-feeding, cooking your own baby food rather than giving them processed foods in jars is infinitely better.
Believe me when I say that I’m the last person to make any moral judgments about parents with sleepless children. One such study showed that the presence of sleep problems at age 3-8 strongly predicted the onset of alcohol, cigarette and marijuana use later in life for boys and alcohol use for girls. The most important thing to begin with when helping your child develop good sleep hygiene is to develop a sleep routine that both of you can keep consistently. These days, cutting down on any form of stimulation just before bedtime can be a challenge. Once your child has passed the infant stages, she should be able to sleep through the night after a good dinner.
An underlying sleep-breathing problem can also be a major cause of sleep problems especially between the ages of 3-6. Be a fan on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Connect with me on Linkedin Ask Dr.
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Issues range from frequent awakenings to too frequent feedings to sleeping in the parent’s bed. As simple as that sounds, we knew back then what so much research and study are telling us now: That poor sleep can lead to a host of health problems if not managed early on.

Yet, sometimes, given certain situations, parents need to assess now and then it costs to hold on to those ideals. It was much easier for my sister- in-law to nurse her right then and there, to get in a few minutes more sleep, rather than getting up every 2 to 3 hours to get the baby out from the crib. Her baby has recently been waking up two to three times at night to nurse even though he was sleeping through the night at 3 months.
Another Finnish study showed that perceived tiredness was related to use of psychoactive substances in teens. Cell phones, computers, cable TV, and all the noisy and annoying children’s toys can be difficult to control entirely.
Large tonsils and adenoids are very common at this age, and if your child’s breathing is labored in any way, or if he snores, or is a mouth breather, see your pediatrician about it, especially if your child seems tired all the time, or has difficulty staying focused or concentrating during the day. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your medical regimen, exercise or diet program. It’s no surprise then why so many adults in this country suffer from a myriad of sleep problems. Despite its slight overtone of 50’s style rigidity and inflexibility, his concepts made the most sense to us and we agreed with his primary principle that children should and can be taught how to soothe themselves back to sleep. Even for us, there were nights when my wife would cry outside the bedroom door, along with the baby, conflicted by her instinct to burst right in to comfort our child and her desire to teach the baby to soothe himself back to sleep as prescribed by Dr. In my case, this would have never worked, as our oldest would only sleep, prior to Ferberization, 10 to 15 minutes at a time. At that time, it was considered okay by most pediatricians to suggest that their child sleep in two to three hour spurts even at night. Yet another couple I recently met complained that their 5 year old still wakes up 3-4 times every night. Other studies have shown that sleep problems are related to anxiety and depression in teens.
Eating too close to bedtime affects  hormones that affect weight, appetite and metabolism.
If either of the parents snore or stop breathing, then there’s even more reason to suspect an underlying sleep-breathing problem.

Invest in books, DVDs, or professional counseling for your child’s sleep needs, as well as for your own sleep needs. Park's New Book --> Affiliate Links Here is where you can put the affiliate links to various products, or other advertising you may need. Perhaps this is also the reason why sleep aids are one of the most popular drugs in this country and why children as young as 7 years old are being prescribed sleep aids to help them fall asleep.
What was more important was that the child be nursed on demand—even at 9 to 12 months when solid foods should have diminished the frequency of these late night feedings. Even worse, her sister, who just turned 3 has recently been waking up multiple times during the night.
Children with sleep-breathing problems also had a higher incidence of inattention and hyperactivity. Last month when Kathy and I were at the movies (our children were with our baby sitter) I was disturbed to see so many infants and young toddlers out with their parents watching an action-packed movie at 11:30 at night. One recent study showed that for every hour a child is sedentary during the day, either watching TV or on the computer or even reading, it takes an additional three minutes to fall asleep at night.
It’s now one of the most serious problems that parents of young children face each and every night. Using this technique, we were able to teach Jonas to sleep through the night (10 hours) around 4 months. A related ad hoc study showed that children who were more active during the day, playing outside or involved in sports activities, fell asleep faster and slept longer throughout the night than children who were more inactive. In these situations if you have even a slight sleep-breathing problem (24% of men and 9% of women), then juices get suctioned up into the throat, not only waking you up, but causing various throat symptoms like throat pain, post-nasal drip, chronic cough, and hoarseness.
Since then, this method of teaching our other two children to sleep has been a lifesaver both for their health and our sanity. Believe me, being able to get a good night’s sleep consistently is well worth the effort.

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