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Whether you have a kindergartner or a high school student at home, convincing children to do homework can be an arduous task.
If you decide your child's bedroom would make an ideal study spot but lack the space for a full-sized desk, Ronan suggests adding a more compact Parsons desk next to the bed instead of a nightstand. For a shared room with twin beds and limited wall space, try adding small desks at the foot of each bed. Creating a study corner in the kitchen serves as a great, practical way to keep your young one nearby.

We discussed how a story has a character, and that the students can be a main character in their story. Later we wrote about the beginning, middle and end of the Three Billy Goats Gruff in our journals. TIP When reading to your child at home, please talk to them about the story elements and how stories are organized.
Ronan suggests adding a freestanding desk instead of simply setting up shop at the counter or kitchen table.

We will taking a class field trip to Erwin’s Apple Orchard in South Lyon to learn about different areas of our community, and how things are grown and produced.

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