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Ginger is one lucky dog to be saved into such a loving environment and she is no doubt very appreciative to be there by all your comments.
I was reading with interest "what an angel by Charlotte" - I agree with everything she said.
Lavender is a maltese bichon because my dog looks exactly like her and he's a maltese bichon.
Krissy was not only a beautiful dog, but she sound like a like she had a beautiful soul! I lost my pomerian over 7 years ago and I still tear up now and then thinking about my baby girl.

She has a silky coat and her tail is straight and has long silky fur, but her head is definitely Bichon. Hannah makes going through chemotherapy, Dr's appointments, shots and meds alot easier on my daughter.
We just got married a few weeks before and my husband brought this adorable ball of white fur home as a gift for me.
Our 13-year old son takes excellent care of him, combing his thick white hair, cleaning his eyes, trimming his nails, bathing him at least once a month, and walks him everyday.

He worked nights in the military and he wanted me to have a dog that would keep me company and to also let me know if someone was coming.
She loved everybody (except-and this may sound racist (sorry)- but she didn't like black people- my husband said it was probably because of the way dogs see- who knows).

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