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Use a timer or a clock, set it at 30 minutes, and take your puppy out each time the bell rings.
During the 1980s, Ed competed in AKC obedience, tracking competitions, and Schutzhund, where he titled a number of dogs. One of the most common themes in the many emails I get every day concern problems people have with house training their dogs. A dog is a creature of habit and because he learns by association, if his training is consistent he will quickly learn there is no other place to relieve himself other than outdoors.
We take advantage of a very natural instinct of the dog - his desire to keep his sleeping quarters clean - i.e.
A dog crate is a perfect, natural bed for the dog and a safe, natural spot to put the pet whenever necessary for the dog's safety or the owner's peace of mind. If you are appalled by the idea of confining him to a cage, let me dispel any idea of cruelty.
Pups do get over the fact that screaming gets them no where - as long as you ignore it and DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT OF THE CRATE WHEN THEY ARE SCREAMING.
A crate is never meant to be used as a place of punishment for the puppy, so a couple of safe toys would be welcome for crate-time. Start crate training while you remain in the same room with the crated dog, frequently praising him and letting him know clearly it is pleasing to you that he remains in the crate, quietly. Crate confinement works so well that most dogs soon choose the crate for naps and, in general, consider it their own private domain. A puppy is NEVER ALLOWED TO HAVE FREE ACCESS TO THE HOUSE unless you have your eyes on the pup. The only time pups are loose in my home is just after they come in from going outside and then only for short periods of time. Dogs who go out and just dink around and then go in their crate need more exercises when they go outside. When a the handler makes a mistake and allows the dog to pee in the house you have to get rid of the odor. Under no circumstances should the puppy be punished for relieving himself in the house, unless you catch him in the act. A puppy has no mental capacity to connect your wrath with whatever he did wrong, even a few minutes earlier. If you catch the puppy in the act of an accident, we recommend clapping your hands or picking him up to interrupt.
Many people are mistakenly convinced that a dog messes in the house for spite or revenge, usually for having been left alone.
Some people question me about pups that are very young wanting to go out every couple of hours.
If you are convinced the pup just wants to come out and play after a few hours , then ignore it. With all of this said there is always the occasional pup who will pee and poop in the crate. With a little effort on your part and the use of this method the puppy can be housebroken very quickly. If you would like solutions to stop your dog from pottying in the house, then check out Housebreaking 101 below. For questions related to training, you can check our extensive Q&A section or contact Cindy if your question has not been asked. Whenever you find the puppy doing something that you do not want it to do, use a command that will stop it.
These things take their time and although some puppies learn the rules quickly, other may frustrate you. In the late 80s, he started training police service dogs, and in the 90s, Ed was a K9 handler for the local Sheriff’s Department, during which time he also worked as a K9 handler with a regional multi-department drug task force. She has competed in Schutzhund on a national level since 1986 and has been involved in dog breeding since 1990.

Everyone learns differently, so we have many different forms of material in addition to this article that you can learn from to properly housetrain your dog: Ebook, Streaming Video, DVD, and Online Course. Just turning a dog out in the back yard by himself a few times a day is not the way to house train a dog. The biggest problem between the dog and the owner is that the dog would love to please but he doesn't know how to communicate with you. It is finding a means of preventing the puppy from doing his duties in the house and only giving him the opportunity to do it outside. Some puppies will scream their living heads of - some for a couple of days when you put them in the crate. If if bother you - put the crate in the basement or the garage or leave the house for a few hours. It is OK to place the crate in the bedroom of the person who will be responsible for that early morning trip. A kong filled with peanut butter or cream cheese goes a long way towards keeping a puppy quiet in a crate. Frequent trips out of the room with quick returns with a treat through the bars will condition the dog to your comings and goings. They learn that they can go into their crate and sleep and no one will step on them or jump on them. If he poops on the floor because you turned your back for 45 seconds - well you screwed up and made a mistake. He's been clean all night - and holding it all night - he will do his duty in a hurry because HE HAS TO GO.
After he has completed his duties, bring him in and again give him the freedom of the kitchen while you are preparing dinner and during the dinner hour. If you take him out every hour then he learns that he is going to have a chance to go outside to do his business. If you cannot get to the pup within 2 seconds of him doing his business then you have screwed up. As I said before, a dog learns by association and if you allow him to do his duties in the house on paper you are telling him in effect that it is all right to do it within the four walls of the house - you are making this association in his mind - so later when you expect him to do his duties outside, he may think you are a little crazy and you can't blame him.
But remember there is more than peeing and pooping in the house that goes along with housebreaking.
These plastic crates are easy to clean and can be taken outside and sprayed out when need be.
The problem with wire crates is they don't contain dog hair and even with a pan that goes into the crate they don't keep dirt inside the crate. The amount of work it takes to housetrain a dog can be overwhelming especially if you do not have a game plan going into it. While the emphasis of this course is on house breaking we have added several management techniques that you can implement to help develop a well-balanced dog who behaves in your home.
If you recently adopted a 3 year old adult dog and would like to learn how to introduce them into your home this course will work for you. Also, you have to make sure the puppy understands what you are teaching it and follow the improvement. This is extremely important as the puppy needs to know that there is a time for every activity. Ed purchased his first video camera in 1978 for personal use and began producing training videos in 1982. It also means that the dog learns to communicate with you about going when told to go and about letting you know when he has to go outside. The question you need to answer is "would I rather get the dog used to the crate or would I rather clean up dog crap on my rug"?
This exercise is the beginning of teaching your dog to go to his crate when people come to the house.
The use of too large a crate for a puppy will encourage the pet to use a small portion of it for a bed and the remainder as a relief station!

Be careful of the toys you choose to leave - soft squeaky toys with bells are not healthy for pups. You can make it clear that you are not pleased with screaming but often that does not impress the pup.
I NEVER leave a dog unattended and loose in the house until it is 18 to 24 months old and then only for short periods. So when someone tells you to wait for 4 hours - I would ask WHY if you can take him out more often? Pups simply cannot put two and two together to understand why you would be mad about his peeing on the rug. If the pup makes to much noise - move the crate into the basement or garage with a radio or TV on.
Allowing a dog to be loose when you are gone is a little crazy unless you are 100% sure the dog will not chew your walls, your shoes, your furniture or anything else it takes a liking to.
He also began breeding dogs in 1978, and continued to breed working bloodline German Shepherds for 35 years.
Dogs that bark and act stupid when they hear the door bell need to be told to go to their crate.
To often pups chew up these soft toys and get parts of them stuck in their bowels which often kills them.
A child's gate at the kitchen doorway is an excellent barrier to the other rooms in the house.
Very often the owner comes home and find the dog behaving in a fearful, shameful, or generally guilt-ridden manner. I produced this video after breeding over 100 litters of German Shepherds and raising over 500 puppies. While everyone’s lifestyle is different and every dog is different this course is designed to fit all dogs and people, regardless of whether you are raising a working line dog for sport work or a family pet. When areas previously used by the dog have been neutralized the incentive for using the same spot will be eliminated. It is because of this that the owner is convinced the dog has messed in the house for spite. Puppies may not initially like it (some will scream their heads off) but within a few days they will accept it without a problem.
He finds a cave or trunk of a tree where he has a feeling of security - a sense of protection.
Once the pup is old enough to sleep the night through without having to go outside I recommend that the crate be moved into another room. After your breakfast, and when you have time to take him out, feed him his breakfast - and take him out immediately.
Also do not underestimate how important it is to ask your pup if he WANTS TO GO OUTSIDE just before going out and praising GOOD OUTSIDE WHEN HE DOES GO. The correct use of a crate merely satisfies the dog's basic need to feel safe, protected, snug and secure. Unfortunately most of these dogs never get that chance because they seal their fate by their unclean actions.
You have conditioned him by correcting too severely when you came home in the past (and it only takes ONE TIME). So the moral of the story is that you need to do EVERYTHING right and even then things can go wrong.

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