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Here’s what worked for orphaned Tristan, who started using it around five weeks old, pretty much on schedule. It was full of a wheat based litter, because he usually tipped over onto his nose and might ingest some crumbs.
Once he started running over to the litter, we used his paw to encourage him to cover; another thing his mother would have showed him if she was around. There’s more to raising and training a cat with The Way of Cats than the article you are reading now. This entry was posted in mythbusting and tagged litter boxes, survival instincts by Pamela Merritt.
My 3 youngstercats (littermates who will be 2 years old this August) came to me as feral kittens (7-10 weeks old).
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It’s a sure way of confusing a kitten or cat who was doing fine before they got mixed signals. If we do not put barriers in the way of our kitten using their litterbox, they will happily use it for the rest of their lives.
We made sure it was only a few steps away, because tiny kittens only notice the signal when business is imminent. Modeling can’t be underestimated in how much, and how easily, it teaches kittens the rules of the house. We would absolutely drip with baby talk when Tristan was anywhere near his litter; we wanted him to know this is a safe place for him!
We would leave the room when a cat was using the Litter Robot; privacy is important, and we never want our cats to feel nervous around their box.
They’ve all had impeccable litterbox manners since their arrival, though initially (before they needed to use it for its intended purpose) they actually *slept* in the litterbox!

Since his mother wasn’t there to model the correct behavior, we used his little paw to dig holes.
We take these little extra steps because a kitten who grows up to have good litter box manners will be welcome wherever they may go. I had several little foil cake pans filled with litter and the the cats let me know where I should put them. By popular demand, I have an alternative processor if you want to use your credit card without going through PayPal.

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