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Rabbit litter training is generally the first thing you want to do when you get a pet rabbit.
It's quite easy to do, especially since rabbits are clean animals and tend to use the same corner or area for their business, even without litter training. Before introducing your bunny to the litter box for the first time, watch it and pay attention to where it does its business; typically it will be the back corner.
You can pick up your rabbit if he's comfortable with that, but it's better if he goes in on his own.
This type of litter can be very harmful to a rabbit's respiratory system and can cause intestinal blockage if eaten. Since rabbits naturally eliminate while eating, a handful of hay in the litterbox can encourage good habits and reward the rabbit for going in. If your rabbits ignores one litterbox, but urinates in a corner three feet away, move the litterbox to the corner.

Newspaper ink can also rub off onto your rabbit's coat, turning it black or gray.*If your rabbit forgets his litterbox habits, limit his area of freedom. Extra litterboxes can be used to switch out for ones that need time to air out from cleaning. Aromatic softwood litters made from pine or cedar emit gasses that cause liver and respiratory tract damage. If you get there too late, put it back into the cage immediately and if possible, put whatever mess has been made in there as well.
A puppy pen is often helpful in this case to block off the extra space until the litterbox habits have returned. This can lead to chronic asthma and respiratory disease and lessen your rabbit's ability to handle standard rabbit medications. Don't lock the cage however, because you don't want the rabbit to associate the using the litter box with getting locked in the cage.

Inhaled dust from clay litter can irritate a rabbit's nose and eyes and can form clumps in the rabbit's lungs and make the rabbit more vulnerable to respiratory problems.
The lion lops have the same playful peronalities their overall hair is short and easy to maintain but their 'mane' requires a bit of brushing especially when they are young. If a rabbit ingests clumping or corncob litter it can form a solid mass in the rabbit's digestive system that causes shutdown and is often fatal. Rabbits are meticulous groomers and your rabbit will ingest litter particles that are clinging to his fur.

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