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Litter training pet rabbits – box steps, Advice on litter training pet rabbits from choosing a litter to the steps to take to encourage rabbits to use the litter box both inside and outside their. Litter training pet rabbit house rabbit, Rabbits make wonderful indoor companions in part because they can be litter box trained just like cats! Litter box setup rabbits choices, Litter boxes for senior or disabled rabbits all of the previously mentioned litter box options assume that the rabbit can jump over the sides easily..
We have an collection of How To Train A Rabbit To Use A Litter Box Rabbits in various styles. Most house rabbit start life living in a cage and it’s important to get them used using a litter tray so you can keep it clean and to make it easier if you are going to let it roam around in a room or your home. Choose a corner litter tray with a low side and a high back as this will stop it being tipped over. After about a month or two they will understand and only ever goes to the toilet in his litter box. If you have littered trained you rabbit in a cage first then you will have a head start when it comes to moving the litter tray into a room. Next remove the litter tray from the cage and move it to the area of the room you want it to use. If your house rabbit strays away from the litter tray this may be because he is trying to mark his territory. We suggest a large cat litter box lined with a few sheets of newspaper and topped with a layer of hay. There are also commercial litters, but only paper-based products (Carefresh, Yesterday’s News) or hardwood shavings (aspen wood) should be used. Note: Some cat litters (clumping and clay) and pine and cedar shavings can cause major health issues in rabbits.

Good news for gardeners: Most rabbit-safe litters are biodegradable and rabbit fecal pellets make wonderful fertilizer.
Thankfully they are naturally clean animals and in most cases can be taught to use a litter tray in about a month without much encouragement.
If a rabbit is allowed to pee and poo wherever it likes from the beginning, it will be much harder to train later on. To avoid attention from preditors they manage a toilet area that is away from where they nest.
To do this start by seeing if they favour a corner, if not choose a corner they faces a wall or corner as this will help orientate them later on. You will need to this every time you clean it out till you are confident it has been adopted.
If your rabbit dose not readopt it there and starts going in another part of the room you will have move the litter tray there or it may go off the litter box completely. Male rabbits give off their scent by both urinating (*Spraying) and droppings and if they have access to an area that has its own strong smell they may try and compete with this. Extruded, pelleted plant-fiber litter (Feline Pine, Aspen Fresh) or chemical-free woodstove pellets are alternatives. The contents of the litter box can be thrown into a compost pile, used as mulch, or put directly into the garden. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find How To Train A Rabbit To Use A Litter Box Rabbits interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.
Don’t expect miracles, you’re always going to find a few stray poops but they’re easily swept or hover up and they will always use the tray to wee in.
You can also put some hay in there put a water feeder over it to help encourage them to spent time in there.

Avoid placing their litter tray in such an are, for instance the kitchen as this may put them off. Presenting them with a litter box in their chosen spot, usually a corner, is sometimes all it takes to litter train. Each day, top off the litter box with fresh hay, and every few days empty the litter box and replace the newspaper and hay. It will take a bit of time, but if you keep it clean your rabbit will naturally want to return to the same spot. Don’t put too much poo in there and avoid any smelly urine spots as this will cause the rabbit to abandon the box.
They may sometimes kick the litter out so it is worth putting a bit of paper down underneath to make it easy to clean up.
Then once your rabbit is fully comfortable using it replace the second litter tray with it leaving only one litter tray and hope for the best.
If you rabbit does pees on the sofa or a rug this will need to be cleaned immediately or the bunny will keep going back to mark their scent in that area. You can clean the litter box with a paper towel and a spray of plain white vinegar, which neutralizes the ammonia in rabbit urine and helps dissolve any calcium residue in the litter box. Use a paper based litter and don’t use this anywhere else in the cage, if you rabbit is really not getting the hang of it a trick is to stretch a normal cotton bed sheet over the floor of the cage, just be careful the rabbit doesn’t start eating the fabric.

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