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Although separated by blue oceans and green mountains and miles upon miles of cloud-filled sky, your child’s birth country will forever be his first home. And although he may feel loved and secure, it’s common for many adopted children to eventually and in their own way become curious about their first family.
You can support your child in remembering his birth family or caregivers by making sure to share with him his story as early as possible.
Create a life book or scrapbook and include relevant information you may have received regarding your child’s birth family that you could share and that he could feel safe looking at or reading when the time comes.
Whether he spent time in a foster home or orphanage, do your best to bring home a memento—something that he may later take comfort in knowing was his. Take lots of pictures and video while you’re overseas–of the people, the landscape, the food, the streetscapes, and make lots of memories.
With the advent of the Internet and sites such as Google and YouTube, it’s easy to do research on just about any country. For a while, my daughter asked to remember the orphanage staff in her prayers each night and so we did.
Although not all children may bring up the subject or seem to be thinking about their birth families or where they came from, that doesn’t mean they aren’t.
A visa is used to bring a child that was adopted internationally into the United States, helping a fiance or spouse immigrate to the states, or helping a child or parent immigrate to the states.
There are four preference categories for petition – the first preference family-based category, second preference family-based category, third preference family-based category, and fourth-preference family-based category.
United States citizens can petition to have their parents, spouses, and unmarried children to come into the States; however, the process for a spouse or parent is quicker than the process for bringing your children over.

If you are a lawful permanent resident (“Green Card” holder), you can petition for your children and spouse to come over to the States, but you cannot petition for your parents.
It was there he was held, fed, and sheltered in foster care or in an orphanage until becoming part of your forever family. For infants, the memories may quickly become a blur as they grow in your love and the endless discovery that is their new surroundings—your home. No matter how little or how much you know, it’s important to speak of his birth family in a respectful way and to let him know that without them, there would be no him.
If he shows an interest, offer to sit with him and take a virtual trip together to discover interesting facts about his birth country. Prayers are a wonderful way for a child to feel connected and to work through any loss or confusion he may be feeling.
Every so often, I’ll notice my daughters working in the colors of their birth country’s flag into school art projects. By talking about their adoptions early on, you open the door for them to feel comfortable and safe in thinking about and remembering their birth families. Evelyn is now ready to speak back into the hearts of youth and adults about the perplexities of life and being triumphant in following your heart.
For toddlers and older children, leaving the place they called home for two years or 10 years may have long lasting effects. Even if the pictures are not of his birth family, they will be of the place he started out his life. It’s always a reminder to me that they may have more on their minds than they are letting on.

And by providing them with stories, or life books, or photos, you will find that they will feel more comfortable opening up to you regarding questions or feelings yet to be explored. When she's not writing or editing, she can be found supervising sometimes successful glow-in-the-dark experiments, chasing down snails in the backyard, and attempting to make sure her girls are eating more vegetables than candy.
Having the combined experience of counseling numerous children, couples and families throughout the years,  being a single foster and adoptive parent, and caregiver to a developmentally disabled sister, Ms.
And you can definitely document the foster home and orphanage and the people who cared for him to look back on when he’s old enough to understand. US citizens can also petition for their siblings to come to the States, which is also a very lengthy process. We work on your behalf with these agencies in handling the processing of your petitions for a favorable outcome.
Make sure to ask to meet with a nurse or staff member who may have been especially close to him and try to get a photo or two.
We understand how important family is, and we work diligently on your case until you have reunited your family. Evelyn has chosen and been chosen to work with and learn from the best in sharing her message with the world! It may seem trivial today, but in five, 10, or even 20 years, it may be extremely important to your child.

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