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A little girl in Louisiana was killed by her familya€™s pit bull, despite her mothera€™s frantic efforts to drag away the dog. Mia Derouen, whose 5th birthday was next week, suffered severe facial, body and head injuries from Tuesday nighta€™s horrendous attack and died at a nearby hospital, Houma Police Chief Todd Duplantis told WWL-TV. He said the scene was a€?horrifica€? and that officers had to fire 13 shots into the 'monster' dog before the family pet stopped charging. Mom Megan Touchet barricaded herself and her daughter in a bedroom, screaming for help and calling 911. She handed her bleeding girl through a window to waiting paramedics, Duplantis told the station.
Niko, the 130-pound animal that attacked Mia, was a€?running loose inside the apartment acting in a very vicious manner,a€? Duplantis told the station. The dog seems to be at least trying so see if you can eliminate the anxiety cause by asking some pointed questions. If it turns out it’s anxiety be sure you have the time and patience to establish and maintain routine because anxiety prone dogs mismatched to the wrong household all too often have unhappy endings. You might narrow it down as well by asking whether the dog has shown any anxiousness when there are storms or fireworks as anxiety-soiling dogs often pace, drool, hide, hyperventilate and sometimes soil during these events as well.
Send me an email, I'm sure I can help whether you're having some basic obedience issues or some behaviour problems.

Copyright © 1988–2016 Ask the Dog Guy & Puppy and Companion Dog Training with John Wade. Charly is a five year old English Springer Spaniel and her use of the Porch Potty was instant success! Cricket is a beautiful 17 week-old female French Bulldog who came to be a part of Nicole's family when she was 10 weeks old.
Boo and her owner, Tammy, also were Facebook fans who connected with us to share some cute photos and story.
Dexter found us on Facebook during Pet Appreciation Week when his owner, Jill, wanted to include him in our amazing Pet Appreciation Video for 2010.
River and her owner, Jillian, have been active Facebook fans and Porch Potty supporters for a while. Lilikoi, a Pomeranian and Papillon, is 8 years old and Rella, Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix, is 5 years old.My boyfriend bought them the porch potty because he thought it would be great for them because we live in a condo here in Hawaii.
Potty training doesn't have to be hard or stressful, read our tips about potty training readiness myth?
Her mother, Megan Touchet, was hospitalized with moderate injuries after dragging the dog off her daughter in Houma, La.
The most common trigger is separation from owners but changes in established routines aren’t uncommon either.
Dragging a leash and popping the dog into the crate every moment supervision isn’t practical are really important.

He came from a breeder from Northern Vermont and had grown accustomed to going potty on snow. Her owner, Christine, shared how important the Porch Potty was to their transition into a new apartment.
Jillian posted some great picture of River on her Facebook album and they were just adorable! Her mother, Megan Touchet, pulled the dog off and screamed for help after barricading herself and the girl in a bedroom.
You start with tiny increments and work up, usually to 3 scheduled time and place bathroom breaks. Careful attention to diet is important and moving from free feeding to scheduled feeding more so. After a while, scheduled feedings will prompt something called a gastric colic reflex which means the dog’s plumbing starts to move 10 to 20 minutes after a meal and tapping into this natural reflex can speed things along marvellously.

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