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Children may end up in this cycle because they had a negative or uncomfortable experience with bowel movement.
Do we know if he is more afraid of it hurting should he fall in the toilet or that it would hurt if he went poop in the toilet?

Check his diet and make sure that he is getting enough fiber so as to make his stools soft and easy to pass. Stay consistent with him and continue to praise him for achieving the act of going to the potty like a big boy. I know that it is hard to be patient at times and it is so frustrating when you know that he can go to the potty but refuses to at times. I hear from moms who tell me that their child will pee in the potty - so in fact the child will urinate in the potty consistently, but when it comes to bowel movements - they simple will not go.
It is getting frustrating because almost daily we ask him "what do you do if you need to go potty?" and he responds "poop in my pants". They will have a bowel movement in their pull ups or underwear, but not in the potty or the toilet. We have tried it all, thought it was just at daycare where he has to tell the teacher but he has been doing it at home frequently now as well.

He says it will hurt, even though his bowel movements are soft and he's never had a problem with constipation. Even when I have her sit on the potty, she still does not take the time to sit on the potty and wait til she is done. So for about two years now, she has been pooping her pants and I just don't know how to make her use the toilet instead. In the child's mind - they have decides that diapers are good - no pain with diaper and it hurts to go poop in the potty - so potties are bad.
She wants me to help her yet she won't put him on a potty when he is with her plus she sends him to bed with a sippy cup of juice.

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