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My third child, Carson was my easiest to train although my first child, Danika was also a breeze. Start your week with a very important (and very played up) trip to town to pick out big kid undies.
My kids weren’t ready to potty train that young, so when they turned 3 and were ready, they were easy to train. Ugh I am dreading the last one too but since he is only 4 months old I’ve got some time before I have to tackle it again!
No potty training experience here but it seems like those are pretty great tips to keep in mind!
About 2 weeks after you get it so you know you have time to name it get to know it make sure the dog trusts you then when you feel the dog trusts you then you should start pot…ty training it I'M HAPPY TO HELP! Give your child their favorite juice (I water it down a little to cut down on the sugar) and let them drink lots. To each their own but I found that a chocolate chip for each successful pee pee in the potty (and 2 chocolate chips for going poo poo in the potty) worked wonders.

It has been a long time since I had to potty train, I really don’t miss those days at all!
First, they physically have much smaller bladders, so will need to eliminate more frequently than large…r breed pups. Start at short intervals (think every 5-10 minutes) and then get longer as they start to get the idea. I thought it was a fluke with the first but then her sisters came along and bam they were just the same. Second, small breeds like chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers take longer for their muscles to develop, so they can't hold it until they're at least 20 weeks old.
I’d rather change diapers than potty train but after potty training three kids I can tell you that after that initial leap into using the potty it is SO.
I have very vivid memories of telling him on multiple occasions that we were done with diapers and I wouldn’t be putting them on him anymore only to give in two days later throwing the underwear in the air and relenting with a huff.
Just keep a light attitude and reflect on how funny it will be later ?? Your child will thrive off of your great attitude or alternatively they will pick up on your negative attitude so remember that!

Thirdly, very small pups can be sensitive to the cold, which can make their bladder muscles freeze up and stop them going outside (that's why they look like they need to go, then when you take them outside, they don't go, then five minutes later they're asking to go again!). I know my grandchildren won’t out of convenience and they should take advantage ?? I loved your tips.
Buy the books, DVD’s and a fun potty and let them test the waters before you go all out potty training. That week or so of struggling and fighting and giving up everything in your world in order to focus on the throne is worth it in the end so hang in there my exhausted friends.
Begging, pleading, bribing, all things we normally wouldn’t do but will bow to in the name of our child going on the potty.

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