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We have had our Toulouse , Dick, for nearly a year now, and he is by far the creature of greatest interest in the yard.
One of my sons has wanted one of these forever.  Does anyone have any experience with them?
Pot Belly Pigs will eat constantly, so you have to be careful how much you feed them or else they'll get overweight. Busy with three kids, three dogs, a garden overrun with aphids and some chickens:  1 Easter Egger(Nutmeg), 1 Turken(Chick-a-Saurus-Pex), 1 Hamburg(Purdee), 1 Minorca (Cayenne) and 2 Polish (Butter and Flour), and 4 new chicks in the brooder!!  I also have a freezer full of home raised Cornish X. She was well behaved, of course they love food and will squeal if they see you eating something they want. Mine went mad when she saw me open a can of tuna, I wouldn't even have the lid off yet and she would go nuts for it. I know that we were told to keep her away from citrus, the vet said it could make her sick so we never gave her any of that.I am not sure if this is fact or not, but I didn't want to risk it. THey do need to go outside and root around, mine went in and out the side door as she pleased. She loved shoelaces and would charge at people's shoes, it would scare the daylights out of them because they thought she was going to attack them, but she just wanted their shoelaces.

In fact, I held an elegant bridal luncheon in my yard for my SIL, rented tables, white table linens, floral arrangements, you get the picture.
All I asked my husband to do that day was to keep the pig in the house, I didn't know alot of the guests that were coming since they were my SIL co-workers, friends and  relatives.
Well right in the middle of the luncheon, Sophie comes barreling through the yard, charging at peoples feet (shoelaces) under the tables and snorting loudly. I still miss Sophie, when she past away even my vet was crying because everyone in the office had gotten so attached to her.
Mom, Wife, Gardener, Beekeeper, Currently Raising Some Spoiled Chickens, Bossy Goats, Pushy Turkeys and one Stubborn Tree Devouring Sheep. I want to get a female next year and plan to have her spayed, I heard they make much better pets when they are spayed young.
I had mine spayed when she was young too, she was ramming the back of my legs alot when I would standing there doing dishes or something.
It became persisitant so I called the vet and they said she needed to be spayed, they said they become like that in heat. Just make sure that if you get one she has plenty of room to run around, they love to be outside rooting around.

12 if you count the full-grown one (DH)!3 "rescued" dogs, 2 "rescued" cat,  mutt chickens (2 Roos that are going into the freezer!), 2 black silkie - "Blackie", 7 Coturnix - always looking for more, 6 Muscovy ducks meat rabbits 7 goats and 5 KuneKune piggies!
She had a heat lamp in with it, then it had a 'play area' made from a fence I bought for my rabbits.
40 hr job, 1Super DH, 4 SN boys (28, 19, 13, 10)Llama, pygmy goat, and a duck Family, Fun, Reef Tanks, Vivariums, Poultry!
You can put good size rocks in it, pool balls, whatever and then hide treats in it for them to root for. She was potty trained to go outside with the dogs and even knew some tricks.  All was great until she started coming in heat and then she forgot she was potty trained.

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