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Potty training is a process that most parents look forward to as their little one begin to grow into the potty training stage. Many little girls want to wear cool underwear, as mommy does, and this is one of the better ways to teach them that if they can use the potty, they will be able to be like mommy.
Research has shown that potty trainng girls, is easier than potty training boys, due to the fact that boys are distracted more than girls. Scheduling different times of the day for the child to learn is important also, and most of the time, if the child goes to a daycare center or babysitter, they also need to be aware that the child is being taught to potty train.

Any child has to be emotionally and physically ready to be potty trained first before the teaching process begins. Most potty training girls just don’t instantly learn to use the potty, and mothers often have to still purchase training pants until they grasp the concept. The watch and learn technique is the first step in helping to potty train girls, because in watching the process of their parents using the restroom at times, they often pick up on the technique.
After a few weeks, parents should find out that they have been successful in teaching their daughter to use the potty successfully.

Purchasing a child potty, and getting girls familiar with the feel and use of them, will often lead them to learn faster and easier.

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