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According to the American Kennel Club, the cocker spaniel is one of the most popular canine breeds in the United States. When he has gone, remove the top soiled paper as soon as possible, but keep the clean sheets underneath in place. Once the cocker becomes used to her crate schedule, let her out of the confinement for longer periods of time. Pick a spot outdoors, and take your cocker spaniel there before he even comes inside the house for the first time.
Cocker Spaniels are a very popular breed that tend to be good with children and other dogs. While all puppies will need to be properly house trained, cocker spaniels have a tendency to perform excitable or submissive urination. Make sure this area is not too close to the puppy’s eating or sleeping quarters, as your cocker will instinctively try to keep those areas clean.

According to Sucher, doing this would leave the scent from the bottom paper exposed so the puppy can relocate the area. According to Sucher, outdoor training begins when you first bring your cocker spaniel home. Verbal and physical praise (petting) will boost the cocker’s confidence and will increase chances of potty training success. If you continue to do this, and praise him for the wanted behavior, he will seek out the outdoor area on his own.
If you want to keep him in the kitchen, put up a doggy gate that restricts his access to other areas of the house. Replace the paper every time your cocker uses the bathroom, which will be every couple of hours, If he misses the paper, clean the area thoroughly to remove the scent and prevent future accidents. When you first start potty training, you may want to keep your cocker in her crate all day while you are at work, all night, or whenever you leave the room.

It is also advised you take your cocker outdoors late in the evening to increase the chances that accidents will not occur overnight.
To keep your puppy more comfortable in the confined space, keep a few toys in there with him. Put the dog on a schedule, and remember young cocker spaniels need to relieve themselves every few hours. Offer him treats to go into the confined space so he relates the potty space with something positive. Your puppy should relieve himself on the paper every two to three hours, or shortly after eating.

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