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Today, I'm going to tell you about potty training boot camp and how to say goodbye to diapers in just 3 days.
The key is to find a time when your child seems ready and you can devote an entire weekend to the process.
There are 3 signs of being toilet ready: body awareness, the desire to be clean and the ability to use the bathroom independently. These are specially designed cotton underwear with extra layers of fabric between the legs.
I prefer training pants over training diapers because they're washable, reusable and a child will definitely feel wet if he has an accident in them.

The advantage of the toilet insert is that you don't have to clean up afterwards and you can take it with you when you're out and about.
Tell your child to listen to his body and sit on the potty when he knows that pee or poop is coming. Step 4: Direct your child to the bathroom after she awakens before and after naps, after meals, before bedtime and every 2 hours if she does not go on her own.
In that case, a more gradual approach to help him feel more comfortable is the best way to do it. If your child leaves puddles on the kitchen floor, or could care less about having accidents or in training pants, she's not ready.

Just go back to diapers on Monday or as soon as you admit defeat and try again another weekend.
And some kids need a more gradual approach if they have toileting fears, or body awareness issues.

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