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First, watch for any indication that the child is up for liberating you from the nappy duty. 2. Lead by example may be a phrase too loud to use in this case, but you are the one the kids look up to.
Reusable nappies, also known as real, washable or cloth nappies are a good alternative to "Disposable" nappies. Reusable nappies can be made from natural fibers, manmade materials, or a combination of both. Disposable nappies are a popular consumer product - although they offer convenience, they do have dangerous environmental drawbacks.
Here is the Potty Training in One Day Brochure.  You can print it our or email it to a friend!

The jpeg version load quickly – the pdfs are much higher resolution and take a lot longer to load!
The pointers might be: demanding nappy change every time they poop, taking more interest in the bathroom or asking for assistance when they have to go. Explain to them how and why big boys and girls go to the toilet instead of wearing nappies. They are often made from industrial cotton which may be bleached white or left the fiber’s natural colour. You may try to expedite the process, but if your child is not ready, it is not worth pushing it. Whether it is watering the trees or feeding the fish in the lake (or supporting the employment at the local sewage service provider), anything works if your child can see an extra reason for doing something very routine.

Some children just have their own concerns about going on the toilet or their own potty (or both). When you think they are ready to wee, just escort your child to the toilet with some positive encouragement, wait a few moments, and when they are done, deliver heaps of praise for them (combined with Step 1 - see above).
If the cues suggest your child is ready for potty training, switch to 'real' underwear and put all the nappies away.
After a couple of days, it will be 'new normal' for them, and with the engagement of steps 1-5 the switch will happen.

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