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I didn’t find it difficult to potty train my huskies, in fact it only took a week for my female. About SleddogginSleddoggin seeks to share current news, products, and community in the world of sled dog sports, sled dog racing, dog sledding, sporting dogs, working dogs, Siberian husky enthusiasts, and other activities enjoyed with dogs.

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Really to me no dog is hard to train any dog we have had Husky or Aussie shep to german sheps were easily potty trained. I have never even used puppy pads or anything with any of my dogs they just got the idea that potty time is outside. Mine as pups or ADULTS for that matter went when they woke up from sleeping the night away or dearing the day they went out or when they had sat for a long while they went out and they went out when I decided I had to potty they.

My siberian husky is only 9 weeks old - shes fluffy (like puppys are) but not that much in compare with an adult dog.

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