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Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. Living quarters smaller than 1,000 square feet may seem cramped, but the small home movement has a following—and it's growing. Saving money isn't the only positive about living in a tiny house; they're also environmentally friendly.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The British Army is to get 589 armoured vehicles after the Ministry of Defence agreed a A?3.5bn deal with US defence giant General Dynamics that will support 1,300 UK jobs. On the surface, it seems like a great headline: America will pay down its debts in the current quarter, marking the first time in six years that has happened. But the details are disturbing … and a sign that federal spending continues to be slashed right when the economy needs it most. In a statement, Treasury said the debt payment was thanks to both higher receipts as well as lower “outlays,” but didn’t reveal specifics.
That’s probably because the specifics reveal a dark side to this theoretically sunny story; the idea of “lower spending and higher tax revenue” is an oversimplification.

Spending has plummeted because there are about 600,000 fewer government jobs since the financial crisis, as well as deep cuts to food safety and transportation programs, among others. Fiscal conservatives and free-market theorists have been running with the idea of austerity and cutting federal spending since the Great Recession obliterated American budgets — from governments to businesses to regular families. Reinhart and Rogoff have been debunked after their debt-to-GDP paper proved to be painfully inaccurate due to a spreadsheet error.
I’m fine with living within our means and thinking about future spending — particularly the ticking time bomb of Social Security, entitlements and aging Baby Boomers. Oh and by the way: Ugly manufacturing data today shows the need for a jumpstart more than ever. Popularity of tiny homes has increased since the housing market crashed—which makes sense, since they cost as little as $30,000. Fewer resources are required to build and maintain these homes—many are designed with salvaged materials and run completely off-grid. At the same time, higher payroll taxes mean less in the paychecks of the average consumer and more in the coffers of government. Europe is in turmoil as leaders like Enrico Letta refuse to suffer “death by austerity” and are unconvinced that gutting spending and driving up unemployment further is a viable solution.

Me, I’m rooting for higher spending in the short-term lest the wheels fall off this sputtering recovery.
What's more, these eight anti-McMansions are adorable, representing only a few of the practically endless possible tiny home designs. The main reason is because the previous projection was borrowing of $103 billion, and we need less than a third of that. In America, cuts to air traffic controllers painfully proved how some spending is crucial to a functional economy. Scout provides essential capability to the British Army to allow it to dominate the battle space for years to come and it secures thousands of jobs right across the UK for at least the next decade.

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