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Potty training can prove to be a messy business and the thought of starting it a daunting one! We would therefore like to help and guide you through this process.Below are 10 steps to successfully potty train using My Big Star Chart as a rewarding tool for kids.
6 Prepare your childEncourage your child to sit on their potty before they properly start using it, practice putting on pants and washing their hands to complete the task. 7 Don’t rush your child when they use the pottyLet them look at a book, or listen to short story for a few quiet moments when sitting on the potty.
8 Be patient, positive and consistentBe patient, potty training does not happen over night.
When your dog is a puppy, he doesn't possess the muscle control of his bowels and bladder to be able to decide when to empty them. As your puppy learns the rules of elimination, they will start to earn themselves freedom from the crate. A rule of thumb is that the age of the dog, in months, is the time, in hours, that the puppy can cope between potty breaks. There is no point whatsoever in punishing your puppy when he has weed or pooped in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am very pleased with your serviceYou give an excellent service and I will follow as your client. Accidents are going to happen and you're going to want to protect the mattress.  Also be sure to have dry underwear and pajamas on hand for a fast change should he wet the bed. This is an old trick of my mother's - each night before she went to bed, she'd wake us (her children!) up to go to the bathroom.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Signs of readiness consist of your child staying dry for at least a couple of hours, they show an interest in bathroom activities, they take themselves to a quiet place or tell you when they are doing something. Potty training is a process that will require a lot effort, not only from yourself but from friends, family members and carers involved with your child. You may like to take your child on a shopping trip to choose their potty - which colour would they like?
It is at this point you should start praising and rewarding your child with a smiley face reward sticker, remember to tell them how well they are doing.

Positive interaction will help your child achieve their new skill, and feel good about their progress. Use the enclosed gold star reward stickers to reward when your child does exceptionally well such as asking to use the potty, using the potty of their own accord, remembering to wash their hands, choosing to use the grown-up toilet. It's the question of when and where it comes out that causes problems for the owner of a new puppy. He also doesn't understand the language that you will be using to try and teach him the rights and wrongs of when and where to do his business. With your puppy on a leash, guide him down there every time you feel he is ready to do his duty, and before long, he will go there of his own accord.
Then, when he starts to do his business, give him verbal encouragement in a happy and pleasant tone of voice. For example, a one month old puppy can cope for one hour, but a four month puppy can cope for four hours. If you should catch him whilst he's doing his business, a loud hand clap to distract him, and a firm, low voice to communicate your displeasure will be enough to drive the message home. After our son proved that he was fully potty trained during the day, we started watching his diapers in the morning.
We made a big deal out of how he was such a big boy and that came with the privilege of getting out of bed to grab a book or to go potty any time.
It would give us a few more hours of space in our bladders, since we'd have the chance to empty anything that had been filtered in the few hours between our bedtime and 11 PM.
The key is to NOT shame your child if she wets the bed - remember, this skill is mostly physical and it will come with age.
Summer is the ideal time to potty train - less clothes are worn and time spent outside make the little accidents easier to deal with. You may like to forewarn visitors of your efforts so they can be positive and encourage as you do. Tell them it is a good try and well done for sitting nicely even if they don’t achieve anything, again reward them with a smiley face sticker for their efforts.
Accidents will happen but continue to keep up the routine, when you choose not to use diapers - stick with it!
Each time your child successfully uses the potty you can mark the potty chart with a sticker or marker. The following potty training chart print best on standard A4 paper.

Potty training a new dog is one of the first things you'll want to do, and life will be much more pleasant for everyone once your puppy has mastered this skill. If you spot these signs, take your puppy outside and follow the procedure for having them poop in the right place. This is true up to around seven months in age, by which point, hopefully your puppy will be fully potty trained. Sure, she had to help us onto the toilet and prop us up since we were still mostly asleep, but we never had problems getting right back into bed. Decide upon a date from which you will all start - it is from this date you say good bye to diapers during the day. Forwarding these notes to those people who look after your child in your absence will help them to achieve the same goal. Mark the potty chart with a sticker or marker each time your kid uses the potty successfully. No dog is a mind reader, and it is your duty, as the owner and pack leader, to communicate how you want things done. As such, some form of confinement will help your puppy develop the control he needs for successful potty training.
Your dog will also need to go outside if there's a change in circumstances, for example, after a walk, a sleep or eating. While I did push hard for daytime potty training, I did not mention or push for night time potty training because I knew it was a purely physical milestone, rather than stubbornness.
The phsyical ability to hold urine for long periods of time plus the nerve signal from the bladder to the brain to wake  up to pee is both part of age - 66% of kids under three years old have night time control, and almost 75% have it under the age of four years.
You can consider giving small treats for each morning she wakes up dry - we didn't find it necessary, but your child may respond well! Let your child know that this will be their special sticker for using their potty and they can earn lots of rewards. Luckily, just by following a few simple rules, you can teach your puppy where it's appropriate to do his business, and hopefully avoid too many unpleasant accidents along the way.

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